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Jelly Provides Internet with More Out of Office GIFs for Long Weekends

London, UK
Jelly NY creates Out of Office GIFs in time for Labor Day.

To celebrate the last long weekend of Summer and the need to switch on your Out of Office responder and gloat on your Insta Stories and WhatsApps, Jelly has teamed up with some of the artists from its roster including Neil Stubbings, Dan Woodger, Daniela Sherer, Alva Skog, Marylou Faure, Alison Carmichael, BIFF, and more to create a set of tailor-made out of office sign offs in the form of GIFs, animated by KITCHEN, to help do the talking for you.

So, whether you're hitting the rosé bottle or hitting up one more music festival, we've got you covered. Jelly’s series of GIFs are perfect for any and all Labor Day activities. Check them out here.

N.B These GIFs are also available as stickers to be used in your Insta stories as well as Whatsapp. Simply type #JellyOOO in the search functionality of GIPHY.

How to make your OOO signature fun:
1. Open up your email in your web browser (not your desktop app!)
2. Set your Out of Office message
3. Open up one of the GIFs in Giphy in a new window (links below)
4. Drag the GIF into your message
5. Save your OOO message and you're good to go!