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Jan Kwiecinski Shoots Thompson Punke Spot

Production Company
London, UK
Nice Shirt Films director's rock & roll short for ping-pong clothing brand

A beautiful sunset crowns a red-letter day for humanity. A post-apocalyptic city smoulders on the horizon. Through the woods traipse a group of survivors. Are they the last people on earth? This band of rebels, renegades and drop-outs who have lucked-out, party for what could be the last time. There is no tomorrow for these last scraps of human remnants as they toast their last hurrah with beers, bongs... and bats. What better way to say goodbye to it all than with a nice spot of ping pong?

New signing to Nice Shirt Films, Jan Kwiecinski, one of the talents behind the Harmony Korine collaboration, "The Fourth Dimension", brings us this latest work for Thompson Punke. 


A breakout star from the Wajda's Master School of Directing in Warsaw, Jan directs the film with a verve and passion that bleeds from the screen. His eye for arresting colour is one of the stand-out elements of the spot.  

Jan left his native Poland with a selection of award-winning, self-written short films under his belt, most notably his taut, gripping "The Incident". After graduating from the London Film School, the next step in his fast rise was his personal selection by Harmony Korine & Vice magazine's film arm to make one segment in the three-part, visually evocative, "The Fourth Dimension". The film premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival and generated industry buzz for its twisted play on space, time and audience expectations. Shortly after the film's debut, Jan was selected for the Sundance Institute for Directors and Screenwriters Programme, where at the infamous breeding ground for the next generation of filmmaking talent, he is adapting "The Incident" into a full feature.  At only 27, Jan is a tour de force to be reckoned with.

Highly inventive and infectiously enthusiastic, Jan makes his first foray into commercials with this spot for Thompson Punke. 

Soundtracked by poetry from Milton and punk rock from "Tiger" by the Brooklyn band Cheeseburger, Jan leaves us with something memorable. 

The Brooklyn-based outfit of Thompson Punke, a self-described bad-ass ping pong clothing brand, is one of the originators of the ping pong revival that started in NYC, crossed the pond and is now taking over the world one pong at a time. The connection between creativity and ping pong isn't a familiar one but is a logical one - what self-respecting agency, design studio or trendy bar is without a ping pong table? Thompson Punke capitalises on this with a bright and hyperactive collection that captures the spirit and fun of the game everyone loves to play.


Client:    Thompson Punke, Brooklyn
Creative Director:        James Cooper
Prod. Co:    Nice Shirt Films, London
Director:        Jan Kwiecinski
Producers:    Richard Martin, James Graley
Director Of Photography:    Alex Reid
Editor:    Gary Forrester @ Marshall Street Editors
Post Production:    Raised By Wolves
Music & Sound Design:     Pete Jones Music