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It’s a Tiger Versus Dragon Affair, in Latest Havells Wires Campaign from Mullen Lintas

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As part of the integrated marketing exercise, Havells has launched a film that puts across the message of ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ in a unique manner

Havells as a brand has always surprised people with its unique storytelling. In the last many years, people have waited for newer stories to arrive from the different categories that it operates in. In keeping with the momentum, Havells Wires has unveiled its latest communication that takes the core message of 'Wires that don't catch fire' to the next level.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas Delhi, the campaign is specifically targeted towards the Southern market. The idea is built around Puliyattam, an art form practiced in Southern India which is showcased mainly during the festival season. The campaign is centred around the insight that a functional benefit such as a fire-proof wire when shown through topical conversation makes the communication seem more relatable and believable.

As part of the integrated marketing exercise, Havells has launched a film that puts across the message of ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ in a unique manner. The film has been launched on online platform for now and will roll out on other popular platforms soon. The film has been customised for audiences from different markets across India and will be played in a language akin to that market. 

Explaining the rationale behind the new film, Ajay Shankar, VP - Marcom, Havells India Limited said, "Our strength has always been the ability to create powerful stories that not only bring out the product benefit but also touch upon the larger societal context and appeal to the prevailing sensibilities of our consumer. Wires have been a low involvement product for the end consumer and they have usually depended on the recommendations of the influencers such as contractors and electricians. However, Havells has managed to build a strong emotional connect with the consumer through its powerful and memorable commercials and in the process built an equity for the category with the consumers. For this film too, we chose to tell a story that borrowed from a popular South art form and added a sense of drama and vibrancy to create a visual spectacle. We are excited and confident that this commercial will definitely capture the imagination of our consumers not only in South but delight audiences across all regions and reinforce our category positioning of ‘wires that don’t catch fire’."

In keeping with the core idea, the film has been shot in the interiors of Tamil Nadu. The art form shown i.e. Puliyattam is often treated as a battle between a hunter and the tiger, and this is where we chose to take the battle to the next level. The film showcases how the tiger is fighting against a deadly fire-breathing dragon with his tail. It is only later that the viewer’s realize that the tail was designed using Havells Wires.

Sharing his thoughts on the creative approach behind the film, Shriram Iyer, National Creative Director, Mullen Lintas said, “We consider each category piece on Havells as a mother brand piece. Although this is about a specific benefit of wires it feeds into the Havells brand. We want Havells to become a channel, where every communication is something that people are looking forward to. We needed to take the thought of ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ down South and we wanted it to resonate with the locals. Set in Tamil Nadu, this film brings out a unique cultural form Puliyattam, the dance of the tiger.” 

Commenting on the film, Syed Amjad Ali, Executive Director, Mullen Lintas Delhi says: “Havells wires needed much wider appeal in the southern market, like it was in the North. Hence, this communication was dedicated to them. And as an evolutionary process, we were able to take ‘Wires that don’t catch fire’ to another level. This piece would create huge affinity for the brand in that region, and make it exceedingly relevant.” 

Directed by Vasan from Absolute Films, the film captures the unique art form showcased during festival season and of course the essence of the usability of Havells Wires.

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