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Italy 'Dips' into Fried Chicken in 360 KFC Campaign

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Isobar Milan created a 360-degree video for KFC asking Italians “how DIP is your love?”
Italy is probably the last country KFC has entered into in the world. The landscape is competitive - Italian people already have a variety of high quality and fast food available to them, so it needed a strategic and creative market entry approach.  

Isobar Milan recently won a KFC creative pitch to design a long-term strategy to authentically connect the brand with Italian insights and behaviours. Relevance was key to survival.

The Dipping Bucket campaign is the first example of this strategy. The agency’s insight was that in Italian culture, eating is more than food: it’s a cultural and community moment to share together and have fun. 

This convivial, social value is critical to connecting with Italian millennials. Isobar’s idea was to use ‘the dipping experience,’ as ‘dipping’ is a moment people love to share, both in the restaurants as well on the social networks. 

The creative idea uses KFC’s most recognisable brand asset - the bucket. Isobar brought the bucket into the realm of social networks, centred around an energetic and fun video about sharing that people can also share online. 

The campaign ensured this creative idea translated across a host of touchpoints that Isobar knew were important to millennials – they created a digital bucket - a 360° interactive, rounded space in which a host of different people can meet and share their love, in addition to a series of stories to swipe through on Instagram, a challenge on to duet with, and a loop of gifs people can use in their social conversations.

Within only 10 days of campaign launching, it had 4 million of views.

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