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Is V-Day Advertising's Love Bowl?

London, UK
Launchpad ECD Noah Ross on the brands trying a little too hard to romance us

What’s more romantic than the business of Valentines Day? The National Retail Federation estimates that nearly $19 billion will be spent on the Super Bowl of Love, so its no wonder romance is in the air for advertising, marketing and promotions, and it takes more than a bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck and a CVS teddy bear to win consumers hearts.


Just this week I was pursued by Valentines Day offers from Wise Potato Chips (.75 off), Smashburger (win burgers for a year) and AMC Theaters (Free popcorn if I am willing to suffer through a viewing of ‘Endless Love’ with that special someone). An extra heart or two and the color pink alone are not enough to break through the wall. As snowflakes cover the countless emptied heart shaped boxes of chocolates in trashcans across America on February 15th, we thought we’d highlight a few brands that charmed their way into our hearts for a longer-term relationship (and one that made us wonder what was on their minds?)


White Castle – Love Castle

I know what you’re thinking. White Castle? Yes, purveyor of the belly bomber, chicken rings, 10-sacks, and on February 14, love of the most Barry White varietal. Nothing is sexier than self-deprecation and this is evident in the reservations-only red table-clothed event that consistently sells out across America – in New York alone more than 500 couples choose White Castle as their Valentine’s Day destination. Oh yeah, did we mention that 10 couples nationwide are having their nuptials at White Castle on Friday as well? Talk about built-in brand loyalty.



You may have noticed that KY has been lubricating the hearts of their beloved with branded content on Buzzfeed this week, most notably “Valentine’s Cards For Single People to Give to Themselves” and “14 Reasons to Have Valentine’s Day at Home.” [] as well as promotions like KY Date Night including K-Y® YOURS+MINE® COUPLES LUBRICANT, a $40 gift card for a streaming movie rental and a gourmet meal you can make at home together from Plated. Sounds like fun, right?


House of Cards on Netflix

Speaking of spending the night in, why not just change into something comfortable, pour a stiff drink and gorge yourself full of the romance and love that no doubt will unfold in the second season of the House of Cards on Netflix. Frank and Claire do give off that warm and tender feeling don’t they?


Nothing says love like… free chicken wings at Hooters?

For those of you who struggle to choose between watching rebroadcasts of the Sochi games and showing your special someone a good time this V-day, rest assured that there is always the Buy 10, Get 10 chicken wing offer from Hooters to give you the best of both worlds.  I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round but if you do wind up taking your lovebird to Hooters for V-Day, you might wind up with an arrow somewhere besides your heart.

And, just so you don’t think that we are talking all the love out of the occasion, we did a study around the Launchpad office and found that 80% of us celebrate VD. So, you see, we are romantics at heart.  Just don’t propose marriage on Friday (unless it's at the Love Castle). 100% of the agency wants that occasion to be more creative and spontaneous.

XOXO, Noah.