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Ireland's Department of Justice Tackles Digital Online Abuse and the Sharing of Intimate Images

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Dublin, Ireland
TBWA\Dublin underlines that the sharing of intimate images without that person’s consent is always a crime

In its latest campaign for the Department of Justice, TBWA\Dublin underlines that the sharing of intimate images without that person’s consent is always a crime. And that such cases can be reported via a new online portal.

Coco’s Law, which the Irish Government passed in February, means the legislation is now in place to convict both those who intend to cause harm or people who share images without considering the victim.

Copywriter Martin Corcoran says: “Research told us that this issue was a grey area for many in Ireland. Some don’t see it as a big deal. Others brushed off the impact it can have, especially when not personally connected to the victim. So we developed the script to show how a careless message could connect you to people with far more harmful intentions.”

Shot over two days, the online film was directed by Matthieu Chardon – his first piece of content since joining the team at TBWA as creative lead and in-house studio director. The 30 second spot traces through the most common motivations that can lead to an intimate image spreading online, and shows that all are now serious offences. Running across VOD and social channels, a 30 second digital audio spot was also created to work alongside the main content.

Business director at TBWA\Dublin, Yvonne Caplice, adds: “We've worked with the Department of Justice on a number of serious issues in recent years, creating highly impactful campaigns. Whereas topics like domestic violence and sexual violence are age-old problems, this campaign addresses a far more contemporary matter: digital sexual abuse. Our goal is twofold, to call out the sharing of intimate images without consent as a serious crime in all cases, and to show people how to report these images so they can be removed.”

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