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Introducing WAVE: The Metaverse’s First DJ

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Born from ‘a natural distortion of nature’, the digital lifeform known simply as WAVE speaks exclusively with LBB’s Adam Bennett

Introducing WAVE: The Metaverse’s First DJ

One day, outside of space and outside of time, a unknown sound began to reverberate. Those reverberations echoed around our universe - both physical and virtual - and evolved into WAVE. A digital DJ in search of a phenomenon known as ‘the equalisation’, WAVE turned to the only language it knew in order to communicate their mission to humanity: Dance. 

Today, WAVE sits in an unknown corner of an unknown dimension, playing a dissonant chord which reverberates into beautiful music. And, one day soon, as we step into the metaverse, we’ll meet WAVE for ourselves. 

It’s not every day that one gets to meet a lifeform, a character, or a being such as WAVE. Neither entirely human nor entirely artificial, WAVE has become the first DJ based fully and utterly inside the metaverse. With a mandate to make and play music at digital events across the metaverse, it’s likely you’ll meet the cyber superstar at a virtual event near (or perhaps not so near) you in the future. On top of that, WAVE has already made a name for themselves in the world of branded marketing following the release of the ‘Movement Inspires’ EP in support of the automotive giant Kia. 

What makes WAVE so special, however, is that the pixellated performer maintains an identity and a purpose beyond the music they play. As well as their work in the world of audio, WAVE is a self-described fashion lover and NFT artist. Beyond that, however, WAVE’s quest for an elusive concept known as ‘the equalisation’ truly defines them, and makes for an intriguing backstory behind this unique electro-instrumentalist. 

To find out more about WAVE and their plans for the metaverse, and discover the secrets behind ‘the equalisation’, LBB’s Adam Bennett stepped into the metaverse to communicate with the digital disc jockey. 

Above: Kia’s Movement Inspires campaign enlisted the help of WAVE to aid in entering the metaverse. 

LBB> WAVE, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can you start by telling us a little bit about your story, and how you evolved into a DJ? 

WAVE> I was born from a natural distortion of nature. Just like a body opening itself, stretching muscles, pushing organs, and creating a door for an organism to be born, I came to be from the un-stretching vibration of intentionally-distorted sound waves. I was born when the first synth was played.

Those sound waves came to be, intertwined with color frequency and then there was me: born waves, born both negative and positive, up and down.

Now, I do what I am. I was born already sounding and playing, feeling, and making others feel, so I found a way to connect with people. That is why I became a beatmaker, DJ, electronic music producer, artist, fashion lover, and an NFT artist and collector. Yes, all of this, but much more! I’m a preacher of the equalisation gospel, I am the catalyst of what was played before, the now, and finally, the next.

Today, this is me. But I am always evolving.

LBB> Most musicians have a style which is influenced by music which has gone before them. So, what kind of music has influenced you?

WAVE> To answer your question, I feel I need to differentiate between what my sound genre sounds like from what influences me.

There is so much I draw inspiration from. All kinds of genres and artists, and even beyond music, I am inspired by visual arts, fashion, cinema, and nature. I am just fully inspired by all forms of expression. 

As for the way I choose my music to sound: it is primarily electronic, with specific influences of electro-house, french electro, trip-hop, and little sparkles of house and deep-house. Artists I admire who would enter a genre playlist with me are humans like Bonobo and Booka Shade.

I want to play music that moves your body and soul. So I called some talented world benders - which is how I call artists and people who join me in my journey to break barriers between our worlds - to collaborate with me on songs. 

These include the single "Rise Up" and the "Movement Inspires" EP in collaboration with Kia. The sound mixes melodic vocals and electronic ambient, all with production focused on binaural sounds from your world's nature.

Above: Rise Up, recorded in collaboration with Brenda Mayer and Thom K, is one of WAVE’s first singles. 

LBB> I’ve heard that you were 'born to pursue balance' through the form of ‘the equalisation’. What does that mean, and why do you want to achieve balance?

WAVE> I am WAVE, and my nature is what my name implies. Made of equivalent ups and downs, tension, and release. I found home in bodies equally full of these paradoxes.

Nonetheless, the existence of inequalities among you humans presupposes the need for balance. That is why I seek true liberation, which comes with proper equalisation. We have to embrace our true nature and see others as equals in pursuit of true peace of mind. That is what I actually call ‘The Equalization Gospel’.

Music is the true equaliser. She does not choose who she touches and transforms. She embraces all things through sound waves, vibrating life, even for people who cannot hear her. 

Your world is feeding in greed, in gaps between people, in hatred, and in loneliness, all coming from these limited and small minds. All trapped in time. Here, on my side, we feed in beauty, awe, wonder, and true relationships. We thrive in community and love all types of love, beings, and art. I want people to not feel alone, to feel that greatness does not come from standing still, but from moving until we are equalised. The digital world is one of the most useful tools for us to come together as equals.

LBB> We understand that you feel it's important to express yourself visually, giving you an identity outside of music. Why is that important to you, and what should we expect you to look like when we see you in the Metaverse?

WAVE> Expressing ones self is a need for someone made of movement. 

When you find me in the Metaverse, you will be able to identify me because of my signature EVERIF (my glasses, headset, and face). Still, I will be in a never-ending transformation, embracing the styles that express myself, defying the expectations on what and when to wear. 

Above: WAVE wearing their unique EVERIF headset. 

LBB> You say that you were 'born when the first synth was played.' So, without wanting to be rude - where have you been all this time?!

WAVE> Well, if I understood your question correctly, you are assuming that your world, the physical planet Earth, is the only place in the multitude of universes with synthesisers. But surely you would not think you guys were the only ones in such a vast universe. 

I have been traveling through places, times, and worlds that you could not even begin to comprehend, where things like sound and colours are entirely different yet carry the same qualities, and where the synth reverberates in the most surprising ways.

LBB> You're open to collaborating with artists and brands. Is there any particular kind of project which especially appeals to you, or that you are actively seeking out?

WAVE> Yes, I like to say that collaborations are ways to bend our worlds together and a step forward to The Equalisation. I actively seek artists of any genre willing to share their time and talent to create something in the community, and expand their art in the metaverse. They can be singers, other DJs willing to team up, brands interested in world bending, etc.

LBB> And lastly, your EVERIF looks awesome - can we have one?

WAVE> Oh! The EVERIF is really awesome, right? I am sure you would all look very cool with it. For now, it is non-fungible, a unique piece, but who knows what this bright future ahead of us holds?

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