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Interrogate Signs Director Tom Brown in the US

Marketing & PR
Los Angeles, USA
His fluency across VFX, writing and storyboarding, and passion for kinetic camera work quickly cemented Brown as a director to watch

Interrogate, the Los Angeles and New York-based production company that focuses on everything from film to branded content, adds director Tom Brown to its roster.

Having honed his craft working at the finest post-production houses in Soho, London, Tom Brown has already earned a reputation as a dynamic director whose forte includes comedy and action. His work has gained recognition from Campaign, Music Week, two Digital Impact awards, a Drum DADI Award, and a UK Content Award for Social Media Campaign of the Year. 

A childhood spent creating music videos and a decade in the world of post-production prepared Brown to dive in head-first and take over when a director needed an immediate stand-in. His fluency across VFX, writing and storyboarding, and passion for kinetic camera work quickly cemented Brown as a director to watch. 

During his time in VFX, Brown worked on a wide swath of projects, from the BBC's Horrible Histories to holograms for the West End stage. This eclectic background enables Brown to take concepts to unexpected places, bringing mixed-media ideas and killer effects work to both small and big screen content. 

Brown often cites his influences as The Matrix, City of God, comics, Japanese advertising, and bold graphic design; a medley of creativity that is evident in his vibrant and crisp style. While being repped by Unit9 in the U.K., in recent years Tom has applied his unique point of view to create innovative and award-winning content for brands such as adidas, Unicef, Samsung, Nike, Volvic, Captain Morgan's, McVite’s, Red Bull, Natwest, and Three Mile, as well as working alongside names such as Lady Leshur, Mark Watson, Omid Djalili, Pep Guardiola, Chelsea FC, Max Verstappen, and Big Narstie. 

George Meeker, executive producer and partner at Interrogate, was instantly drawn to Brown’s work, finding post-leaning spot for PokerStars featuring Neymar Jr. particularly appealing, especially considering how nimbly Brown was able to work having only four hours with the talent. As he says, "A director who knows his way around post? It’s an invaluable asset and it shows in the way Tom’s work pops.” 

On bringing Brown’s vision to the U.S. market, Meeker continues, "It's a director's voice that people are attracted to, and at Interrogate we never want to get in the way of that. To position him in the marketplace, we have to allow him the most creative freedom that we can. Letting Tom's voice shine, his talent will take it from there."

Brown is mutually thrilled to join the Interrogate team. Describing the sense of kismet he felt, Brown recalls, "When the team explained the ways in which they’d like to build my career, it completely resonated with me and the kind of big, bold creative work I want to do. Immediately I knew this is a company I can grow with, who understands my strengths and where I want to take them. It was a weird synergy--you're excited about something, and so are they! And with George, it was almost telepathic the way we vibed.”

Eager to see what kind of collaborations will come along stateside with the support of Interrogate, Brown says, "Too often people want to put a lid on you--but Interrogate doesn't. They wholeheartedly and genuinely want their directors to flourish." 

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