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Innoviom Taps LP/AD to Manufacture New Functional Beverage

Branding and Marketing Agency
Toronto, Canada
The agency has worked to develop the name, brand mapping and messaging, packaging, style guide and creative behind NaturGeeks' launch campaign

Innoviom Inc., the global innovative food and beverage company, has tapped Toronto / San-Francisco agency LP/AD to develop the brand and packaging for their new line of performance beverage, NaturGeeks. 

“NaturGeeks is a category maker,” commented Innoviom CEO, Ahmed El Azizi. “OTC performance products aren’t normally sold in an enjoyable beverage format. There are nuances here that really required a nimble and entrepreneurial approach to collaborative development and the need to possibly pivot in the face of a short and unmoving deadline. We’re very happy with where the team arrived, and we’re excited for the launch.”

NaturGeeks has launched early November 2020 with the first SKUs, addressing the body’s immune system support and performance. The 2.5 FL OZ (74ml) packaged product will be available in the USA and select European markets at first, with new markets and additional SKUs to follow.

“This has been a very rewarding process for both the planners and creatives,” commented Alex Shifrin, president at LP/AD. “Innoviom is run by world-class players, who know exactly what’s needed to get the job done. The team is comprised of executive alumni from PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Red Bull, P&G and Pfizer. You don’t get much more beverage and performance expertise than that. I’m confident that the product which is going to market has been scrutinised and approved by some of the most capable people in the space globally.”

NaturGeeks is targeting people starting out or already on a personal health journey. The brand is intended to convey an easy entry-point into a wholistic self-care lifestyle. The product’s formulation of natural unique ingredients, vitamins and herbs is delivered in an easy to drink, and enjoyable. The brand’s look and feel are intended to convey this lighter, easier to digest approach to what is a supplement-based solution. 

LP/AD, in collaboration with Innoviom, has worked to develop the name, brand mapping and messaging, packaging, style guide and the creative behind the NaturGeeks launch campaign.

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