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Industry Luminaries Unite for Inaugural AWARD Creative Residential Course

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Sydney, Australia
Course will be chaired and curated by BMF Creative Founder, advertising legend and industry trailblazer Warren Brown

AWARD has announced that its first Emerging Creative Directors Residential course for aspiring CDs will run from November 20-22 in Sydney. 

Chaired and curated by BMF Creative Founder, advertising legend and industry trailblazer, Warren Brown, the course will be Australia’s only custom-designed Residential for senior creatives looking to transition into leadership roles.

The significant step change required to become an outstanding creative director can’t be underestimated as it requires a completely new skill set.  Until now there has been little to no formal training or specific qualifications available to ensure the industry’s next generation of creative directors are match fit.

Course Chair Warren Brown said: “To be a CD, you have to be the sort of person that has a vision to lead and inspire others, along with the ability to dig deep and keep going when everyone else is full of doubt and giving up. Life without challenges, whatever they are, can be dull.  Being a CD is the ultimate test for any creative.  Learn as much as you can before diving in.” 

Co-chaired by J.Walter Thompson’s ECD Simon Langley, RUMBLE’s Creative Partner Nancy Hartley and The Monkeys’ Founding Partner and ECD Scott Nowell, The Emerging Creative Directors Residential will feature intensive modules spearheaded by leading ECDs, Agency CEOs and CFOs.

Sessions will be highly interactive, combining workshops, panels, role plays and Q&As across three broad themes:

Day 1: From creating to leading

Day 2: The business of creativity

Day 3: Exploring the CD role

To ensure delegates experience concentrated mentoring, practical experience and tangible learnings, the group is capped at twenty.

AWARD Chair Wilf Sweetland said: “AWARD culture is renowned for cultivating and mentoring our industry’s very best as they enter the business via AWARD School.  The establishment of AWARD’s Emerging Creative Directors Residential now also provides the structured professional development so important for our future creative leaders. In the fullness of time we believe the course will become an essential part of creative people’s formal career pathways.”

Course Co-Chair and RUMBLE Creative Partner Nancy Hartley said: “I’ve had the great privilege of developing a long and fruitful career in this industry with the support of aspiring leaders, mentors and teams.  Our creative leaders are increasingly important to business success, and initiatives such as the Emerging Creative Directors Residential will go a long way towards ensuring our next generation is well equipped to lead the industry into a more innovative, sustainable and profitable future.”

The Communications Council’s CEO Tony Hale added: “We’re proud to be delivering this AWARD course, tapping into some of the best creative leaders across Australia. It will also help address the significant gap in professional development offerings within the creative discipline, not just by improving the skills and capabilities of our future creative directors but by fostering greater diversity amongst our next generation of CDs.”

The Emerging Creative Directors Residential is proudly presented by AWARD; Australia’s longest-standing and most respected professional development programme for creatives.

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