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In Conversation With... Pablo Fusco, Director of Antiestático

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Director of Antiestático on what inspires him, his creative ambitions and the definition of success
In Conversation With... Pablo Fusco, Director of Antiestático

Pablo Fusco is a film director, currently signed to Antiestatico. A true lover of the audiovisual language, Fusco has the gift of curiosity and attentiveness that enriches his projects.

Here, Pablo describes what inspires him, his creative ambitions and the definition of success. 

Q> You define yourself as a communicator and lover of the audiovisual language. What is your greatest source of inspiration when you start creating?

PF> I really like to nourish myself with all kinds of visual stimulation. In any city that touches me, I go out on the street to take pictures of things that catch my attention. They can be people, architecture, street art or designs of all kinds. It is a way of understanding each place and what is happening. I think observing is the source of inspiration for anyone who engages in communication. In the midst of so much data and algorithm directing everything, I believe more human contact is necessary in the real world.


Q> What word defines you as an artist?

PF> Artist is a very big word, but I like to use everything related to the art world to integrate it into my work, which consists of creating images for brands. I like to feed back all the languages, ​​and today we are in a good moment to mix all these worlds within communication.


Q> In what environment do you feel most comfortable working?

PF> I like to surround myself with people who love their work, and that shows in their contribution to each project. This is not a profession to do with reluctance, and my intent it to surround myself with the kind of people who have that spirit.


Q> You've been lucky enough to work with several brands on creative campaigns. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

PF> I try to contribute ideas, but it is not always possible to change something that is already approved by many people. But the most satisfactory processes are those in which there is good communication with agency and client. It is good when everyone is open to listen to contributions that can improve the project.


Q> How would you define the word 'success'?

PF> Success is the beginning of failure. Success is being able to be happy.


Q> What is the most memorable project you've worked on? Why?

PF> One of my first jobs. I love it because it represented my visual aesthetic at the time. It was for the agency LaComunidad, the campaign of La Nación Deportiva Mundial. There was a time that I was pretty much pigeonholed with that aesthetic. But I try all the time to get out of the boxes.

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