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Agency UncleGrey launches awesome interactive site for grill manufacturer Weber

Grill manufacturer Weber has launched a new pan-European campaign in collaboration with UncleGrey. ‘BBQ Cultures’ is an integrated campaign featuring a series of TVCs and an interactive online experience. Both film and digital aspects of the campaign were produced by MediaMonks. Take a journey through the world of barbecuing here.

BBQ Cultures celebrates the moments, dishes and local traditions that make up the cultures of barbecuing. The interactive experience is an amplification of the TVC that leads users through various barbecue stories across Europe. Each story features a number of interactions that give access to deeper layers of culinary content.

“What’s interesting about the project is that the TVC and website were produced side by side,” said MediaMonks Films director, Tom Rijpert. Rijpert directed the 3-day TVC shoot alongside interactive director Jeroen van der Meer. “During the writing and shooting of the film, we made sure the footage would work for both the TVC and the more extensive story that drives the interactive experience.”

Stig Pederson, Director Marketing EMEA, Weber explains: “We’ve wanted to challenge ourselves to put digital at the core of our communication activities in order to provide a more engaging, emotional and educational experience. We aspired to create something truly innovative and once again raise the bar for what a BBQ company can accomplish in this space.” 

Lars Samuelsen, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Digital, UncleGrey adds: “Our ambition has been to develop an immersive environment that combines a cinematic aesthetic with digital technology, to create an interactive and functional piece of brand storytelling. Working together with MediaMonks we were able to realise that.”

The website enhances the TVC, bolstering each barbecue culture with facts, tips, and dishes specific to each of the five featured regions. By showcasing the cultural diversity of barbecuing, Weber aims to educate food enthusiasts and grillers alike about the intricacies of the barbecue beyond the bread and butter of the basic burger. Visitors can learn about a range of local cooking techniques, from recipes of the shores of Sicily to the filleting techniques used in the Nordics.

The interactive experience is complemented with informative overlays that transition between cultures, prompting additional video content that allows visitors to dive deeper into local barbecue cultures.

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