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Iggy Pop Centres Counter Culture Rebellion and Unity for Marshall's Never Stop Listening

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London, UK
Dog Eat Dog and Kevin Castanheira team up with A.M. Sekora and Marshall to deliver powerful new film

For more than half a century, it has been the mission of Marshall to always be listening; to the ones that no one else would listen to, the rebels and the misfits. It has always been and will always be the ambition of Marshall to make these voices heard. The ‘Never Stop Listening’ campaign aims to highlight the importance of listening in all its forms, and the way that listening shapes the world and influences perspective. It speaks to the brand’s rich heritage of rebellion, originality and unity, as well as its alignment with, and evolution alongside, countercultures throughout the ages. The campaign will promote three products in the Marshall line-up: Monitor II A.N.C., Major IV and Mode II. 

The 60 second hero film, which was shot in the USA (Miami), UK (London, Manchester, Liverpool) and Sweden (Stockholm), sees Iggy Pop on tour, embodying the loud, unapologetic spirit of Marshall, while mavericks, outliers and countercultures past and present are seen connecting through Marshall products, standing tall together, to create and change their own worlds. The godfather of punk also provides a rousing voiceover, explaining how listening brings us together and fosters a feeling of belonging. 

Director Kevin Castanheira says: “It's a dream to continue my collaboration with such an iconic brand like Marshall. For myself and Creative Director A.M. Sekora, Iggy Pop was the perfect person to deliver this message, being a true rebel and icon of originality. When approaching the project I wanted to make sure the visuals didn't outweigh the meaning of the script, so kept it as grounded as possible while also embracing some cinematic elements. Shooting on a mix of Kodak 35 mm and 16 mm helped create an authentic image and visually emphasise the incredibly rich heritage of Marshall.”

This is the eighth time Castanheira, Dog Eat Dog, Sekora and Marshall have worked together in half as many years. 

Marshall creative director, A.M. Sekora adds: “As we’ve been working hand in hand on projects for the last several years, we’ve been able to form more of a partnership that I can trust with working alongside Kevin Castanheira and Dog Eat Dog. It’s more than just a deal, there is an understanding and a kinship that’s been built between us all. We’ve been able to move past the “client relationship” where we need to talk contracts and SOW’s for days, allowing Kevin and myself to focus solely on the creative. This point is quintessential for us at Marshall as we don’t work in the conventional Client, Creative Agency, Production Agency fashion.” 

Dog Eat Dog EP/founder, Harvey Ascott, comments: “Working on Marshall campaigns keeps us on our production toes. The creative is always exciting and boundary defying. The intricacies of the right casting, the right art direction, the right styling - even down to shooting on film - all has its challenges but we always produce fantastic work we can be proud of, and we are especially proud of the 'Never Stop Listening’ campaign.” 

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