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Engaging Mini Documentaries Introduced on Go Inside the Minds and Closets of Real Nordstrom Customers......
IDENTITY's Andrew Walton Directs Nordstrom's 'Career Mode' Campaign

Engaging Mini Documentaries Introduced on Go Inside the Minds and Closets of Real Nordstrom Customers

New York, NY -- (October  2010) -- Director Andrew Walton of production company IDENTITY has helmed a series of intimate documentary-style vignettes for fashion retailer Nordstrom. The campaign, titled 'Career Mode,' debuts on the Nordstrom website and features real Nordstrom customers sharing thoughts on their style and how what they wear to work defines them personally and professionally. The four films can be viewed at:

Walton, who previously collaborated with the Nordstrom creative team on a 'peephole' video wall constructed outside the new Nordstrom Rack in NYC's Union Square, was chosen for his experience working in the documentary film format and ability to bring out authentic moments on camera.

Said Pia Hunter, Creative Director, Nordstrom, "When we set out to tell our 'Career Mode' story for Nordstrom, we knew we wanted real stories from real people and of course, to capture our customers in their best possible light. I'd seen Andrew's work before and felt he was the natural choice because of his sense of storytelling, the respect and admiration he has for his subjects, and his impeccable eye for natural beauty and lush, rich detail. The whole process of shooting with Andrew was, I hope, as rewarding for our customers as it was for us. He managed to be a welcome visitor into people's homes, lives and of course, closets. We are so pleased with how faithfully he captured the personal style of our customers, and hope the spots inspire our customers to enjoy their own style as well."

The four cinematic sartorial portraits are Style Look Book-meets-artfully-shot-documentary and provide engaging snapshots of Nordstrom customers in everyday situations, both in their real homes and at their real jobs.

Once the project kicked off in May, Walton narrowed down a list of Nordstrom shoppers from hundreds who responded to a nationwide casting search, pre-screening them by phone to gage their likeability and enthusiasm about the Nordstrom brand. Walton then traveled around the country to pre-scout locations and to meet these individuals in person. The cast was then whittled down even further to four personalities who had an inspiring sense of self, but were approachable and unpretentious.

"Dave" lives on a houseboat but jets around the world for client meetings, tailoring his outfits for each city's unique culture -- suits for New York, business casual for San Francisco. "Alison" does freelance PR and marketing and from her sunny LA home shares her dress-for-success recipe for a successful job interview. "Bryan" is a tax accountant and surfer who goes against his industry's conservative cultural dress code, opting to express himself through hip jeans and sneakers. Interior designer "Melissa" has been in the industry for almost a decade, but because her youth belies her experience, she uses style to her competitive advantage to convey confidence.

"By the time our camera crews arrived for the shoot in June, I had already established a relationship with my cast, because we'd already had several personal interactions and got to know each other face to face," shared Walton. "Being this engaged in the casting was entirely intentional. I wanted my subjects to feel comfortable and to trust our process so they could speak candidly and honestly about themselves and how Nordstrom helps them communicate professional confidence and personal creativity through style. It may sound corny, but by the end of our shoot, I'd developed a real affection towards these people and was honored they let us into their lives."

Walton spent four days shooting in Seattle and Los Angeles. All told, about 50 hours of interview and location footage were captured using a Canon 5D and Canon 7D camera. Documentary editor Jinx Godfrey, who cut the Oscar-winning film "Man on Wire," edited the campaign through UNION Editorial in NYC. Walton worked very closely with Nordstrom Creative Director Pia Hunter and IDENTITY Executive Producer Alana Hall. The 'Career Mode' campaign debuted online in August, with the final film "Bryan" posted Oct. 25th.

In a world where sameness is on the rise, IDENTITY wins by imprinting every project with visual sophistication and refreshing individuality. Leveraging a highly-sought after directorial roster, Owner/EP Joe Masi has made his mark on award-winning work for Nintendo, Honda, Budweiser, 7UP, Tommy Hilfiger, Infiniti, and Gucci. IDENTITY fosters and supports an environment where creativity can flourish. Headlining the visual-style genre, IDENTITY's directors cover the complete range of storytelling and effects. IDENTITY's directorial roster includes: Anthony Atanasio, Javier Blanco, Laurent Chanez, Scott Corbett, Pierluca de Carlo, Sophie Caretta, Mathilde De L'ecotais, Fortune Cookie, Leo Kocking, Robert Leacock and Andrew Walton.

Production Credits:
Client: Nordstrom
Creative Director: Pia Hunter
Executive Producer: Ian Hunter
Creative Lead: Simone Hodges
Video Producer: Christina Libertini

Production Company: IDENTITY / New York, NY
Executive Producers: Joe Masi, Alana Hall
Director: Andrew Walton
Producer: Patrick Fischer
DP: Jeff Stonehouse

Editorial: UNION Editorial / New York, NY
Producer: Caryn Maclean
Editors: Jinx Godfrey, Sloane Klevin

Sound Mixer (LA): Dan Kent
Sound Mixer (Seattle): Bob Marts

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