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IAPI Announces Latest Creative to Feature on Ireland: Where Creative is Native 

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Dublin, Ireland
Sean Hynes, creative director at Bonfire chats with IAPI's Charley Stoney

IAPI have revealed that a further eight out of the 28 entries that were voted on by creative directors across the IAPI membership for the second round of submissions since the 5th November launch will be featured on creative platform

IAPI’s ambition is to establish Ireland as a centre of excellence for the commercial creativity sector. For this reason, Ireland: Where Creative is Native was created by IAPI – to showcase the power and capability of Irish creativity to the to the wider world.

Sean Hynes, creative director, Bonfire and chair of the Creative Council on the IAPI Board: “This is amazing. The new suite of work that has made it to the Creative is Native platform is 100% proof positive of the strength of the creative industry in Ireland. The initial launch phase represented three years of sweat and toil whereas this round represents just three quarters. And not just quarters in any year but in THAT year! It’s fantastic to see the momentum behind Ireland: Where Creative is Native continuing to build and indeed continuing to be justified."

There are now 26 pieces of work on the platform voted in by all creative directors within IAPI from 83 submissions. Only those obtaining the highest ranking are uploaded onto the site, ensuring that the creative work on display is the best of the best of Ireland’s commercial creativity including advertising, design, PR & social. The platform will be continually updated, ensuring that every great piece of work ends up being featured here

As Ireland’s population becomes more diverse and inclusive, and is left as the only English-speaking country in the EU, it can overlay a more global view. Thus, making its bid to be a European Centre of Excellence for our industry even more timely and possible. The UK’s departure from the EU leaves the State as a natural destination for global investors looking for a European base, especially the US given Ireland’s long standing relations with them.

Creative is Native plays on the principle that Ireland is a country known worldwide for its’ great musicians, poets, writers, artists etc., and that these talents spill into the commercial creative world of advertising, design and communications.

Creative directors across the IAPI membership agreed to remove agency credits in the showcased work, making a world-first as it is the only anonymous platform that puts the country’s entire commercial creativity industry, ahead of individual agencies.

This livestream broadcast of the 5th November launch was attended by over 500 marketers and creative professionals using Verve – The Live Agency’s production expertise. A recording of the Livestream Launch can be accessed here

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