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Hyundai Launches Australian Automotive First with Facebook Keyword Recognition Chatbot

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Sydney, Australia
Chatbot developed by Orchard will assist current and prospective Hyundai owners to interactively find information about vehicles while on Facebook

Hyundai has launched an always-on chatbot on Facebook developed by Orchard. The chatbot’s AI smart assistant keyword recognition on posts is an Australian automotive first for community management and will assist current and prospective Hyundai owners to interactively find information about vehicles while on Facebook.

At the heart of the Facebook chatbot development was Hyundai’s customer experience and its smart execution was rolled into two key user journeys. The direct to Messenger feature focuses on helping users discover the Hyundai vehicle they may be interested in, and providing a direct line of contact with customer care through phone support or via the enquiry process.

Secondly, when users comment on a Facebook post with specific questions, the AI capabilities of the Chatbot are able to harness the power of keywords and respond in real time. The keywords trigger  the Hyundai Smart Assistant, inviting customer to discover  valuable information about the model or post.

In addition, Orchard has implemented an auto-comment response on Facebook posts which allows the public to see when other users’ comments have been acknowledged by Hyundai.

"Customers love convenience and can become easily frustrated by having to wait online for answers. We wanted to create a seamless UI experience that engages users with Hyundai right from the start of the customer journey until the very end," Andrew Killey, practice lead at Orchard said.

“Conversational UI is redefining community management. We wanted to extend Hyundai’s offering by providing cutomers with a helpful experience on social channels. We are confident the Facebook chatbot created by Orchard, will deliver higher level of customer satisfaction and engagement with Hyundai,” said Kevin Gouldt, director of marketing at Hyundai Australia.

“Messaging is one of the fastest growing channels for people to connect with businesses, with 44% of Australian shoppers using a messaging service to find out more details about a product. We are confident that this Messenger project will help Hyundai increases customer satisfaction, lower costs and ultimately drive sales," said Paul Balbo at Facebook Australia.

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