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Huge & Président Cheese Celebrate the Art of Cheese
Advertising Agency
New York, United States
Brand collaborates with creative bloggers ahead of campaign launch

Huge and Président Cheese have launched a new digital showcase and campaign entitled the Art of Cheese.

The site was designed to elevate the perception of Président products through beautiful photography, a confident tone and engaging content, in order to set it apart from other food brands. As a result, the dynamic website looks more like a showcase for luxury goods than for consumer packaged goods.

Prior to launch, Président Cheese forged content partnerships with seven creative bloggers in the realms of food, design and entertaining. The bloggers put a unique spin on the Art of Cheese theme by reimagining classic recipes and documenting their creations in vibrant photographs displayed on the site. Huge also helped the brand launch social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where consumers can find even more inspiring content from the brand and its blogger partners. 

Check out the site at: