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How to…. Deal with Uncertainty

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The link between uncertainty and stress is well-established so fickle clients, agency restructuring and wider political instability are a recipe for anxiety, writes NABS’ Annabel McCaffrey
The advertising industry has seen a fair amount of change over the last couple of years. Some organisations have merged, some have restructured and some have downsized. These big changes bring with them uncertainty. and understandably that uncertainty can cause a great deal of worry for employees.

This climate of uncertainty can also have an impact on people in the wider industry. Your employer might not be planning any redundancies, but you might still worry that your job isn’t as safe as you’d like it to be, given that colleagues in similar organisations may be facing job losses.

Redundancy is one of the top three reasons behind calls to NABS’ dedicated Advice Line. People working across the industry at all levels call us for support with the emotional and practical issues that arise with the loss of a job. We even give grants to people who’ve lost their jobs and need financial assistance to upskill to help them broaden their prospects.

While there are plenty of practical ways to help you if you’re being made redundant, at NABS we also believe in providing you with preventative tools to help you anticipate and deal with uncertainty.  Bolster yourself with some supportive strategies and you’ll be able to navigate any challenges that do arise with a stronger and calmer focus.

Here are a few simple tips to help you deal with uncertainty in the workplace:
• Resilience and confidence can really help to defend against uncertainty. NABS offers free Masterclasses that help to boost these traits; it’s all about building yourself up, so that you’re stronger in the face of a challenge.
• Perspective is a great friend. Remember that none of us really know what the future holds. You could be facing redundancy, and then end up keeping your job. On the flipside, the exact opposite may be true. Prepare yourself for all eventualities, but don’t assume the worst.
• If you’re feeling anxious, it may help to bring your thoughts and your focus back to the present. Simple mindfulness and breathing techniques can calm and ground you in moments of panic. Step away from your desk if you can and go for a short walk, concentrating on slow breathing as you go.
• Keep yourself current and marketable to help you find a job more easily should you need to. Update your CV as you go along, take training courses and get coaching to help you position yourself better, such as NABS’ free one-to-one executive coaching services or our personal brand-building Masterclasses.

Give yourself the knowledge you need to thrive in uncertain times: register for a NABS Masterclass or executive coaching session

NABS is a registered charity established to support people working in the advertising industry. 

Annabel McCaffrey is head of support at NABS.