How Burger King Solved Pet-Owners' Woes with the Launch of the 'Dogpper'

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La Despensa recently launched Whopper-flavoured bones that allowed pet owners to finally enjoy their burgers
How Burger King Solved Pet-Owners' Woes with the Launch of the 'Dogpper'

There is a problem that no one had addressed before and that affects more than 128 million families around the world: for all those who have dogs, it is more difficult to enjoy a hamburger order at home.

The smell of meat makes dogs ask for food, and their owners can not fully enjoy that moment - a problem that many empathise with.

Burger King needed to draw attention to its food delivery service in the face of a competition that grows with online ordering platforms such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo. These companies are digital search engines that don't make their food and don't have the capacity to produce products. Burger King and Spanish agency La Despensa wanted to take advantage of this by creating a campaign that its competitors could never do, based on the launch of a new product that solved the dog’s owners problem.

Dogpper is the first bone with Whopper flavor. A gift for dogs, but especially for their owners who could finally enjoy their hamburger relaxed.

Dogpper was launched first in Spain, then in USA and now is available in Korea, where there has been more than 2,000 pictures of dogs enjoying Whopper-flavored cookies on social media in less than a week. 

In total, more than 112,000 dog owners have been able to enjoy their Burger King delivery menu without the interruption of their pets. Furthermore, the campaign managed to increase sales by 18%.

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