How AI Created the Many Faces of Colonel Sanders

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Creative copywriter Jean-Babtiste Le Divelec passes time in self-isolation by using AI technology to create multiple edits of the KFC Colonel
How AI Created the Many Faces of Colonel Sanders

During this strange period of time, creative copywriter Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec has carried out a few creative experiments, including the Air Jordan 1. For his latest creative drop, Jean-Babtiste fed a deep learning AI a lot of pictures of Colonel Sanders.

Jean-Babtiste can now generate new ‘Colonels’ on demand. The result is quite hilarious (and slightly creepy) so he created a Twitter account @ColonelGeneratr that will post one new Colonel everyday. 

The goal of this project is to question the impact of this technology on the creative industry. What will happen when people on billboards aren’t real anymore? And even more dystopian, what if in the future brands will be able to generate people on the fly based on your profile picture and interests? 

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