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Hornet Signs Director Andrew Myers

Production Company
New York, USA
Andrew has directed work for clients including Google, IBM, Hermes, Puma, Verizon and Airbnb

Hornet has announced the global signing of artist and filmmaker, Andrew Myers.

Spending his formative years in small towns throughout Ontario, Canada, his childhood embodied a bit of a nomadic existence with many siblings and no sense of permanence. Days spent cycling around small towns in the midst of a cultural void, his home life was chaotic and rather unorganised, and as a result he is an incredibly neat, structured and organised person. From a young age, drawing was his grounding point, initially drawn to anatomical detailed figures so his first 'when I grow up..' was to be a medical illustrator. His reflection upon his younger self was a period of incredible boredom; reading, drawing and waiting to leave.

He left to the big city of Toronto, to get his BFA at Ryerson University. His move to art school was both a natural decision, and yet one made with a level of naiveté and optimism. There wasn't really anything else he would have done, and yet there wasn't a real thought to how to make that work. Still, college was a magical time where Andrew fully came into himself. Surrounded by incredibly creative and talented people, and able to live fully as himself and all shades of himself it was like Alice in Wonderland. It was a time of embracing theory and the rejection of theory. Making work obsessively, biking around and learning about life and about love, and discovering the personal interpretation of 'work'.

Andrew's inspiration for his work is a collective mix: architecture, movements with order, formalist movements and he really found his creative liberation through photography. However, painting, film and photography are all part and parcel to his artistic identity. And the through-line is a grounding in reality and tangible objects. He likes what he can see and strives for an accessibility in art and has very little patience for art solely as an essay that says nothing to nobody.

What Andrew has discovered is that for him, creating and producing work was and is the form and an answer to chaos related directly to the transitory element of his life and lacking that solid ground. The artistic desire for tangible objects in light of the lack of a grounded childhood. His art lies in the tension between striving for logic, accessibility and formality while struggling against the fight to flee and the scattered ideas of impermanence especially in the modern day world of hyper stimuli.

And you ask how does Andrew navigate this tension? His answer: copious notes. He is an obsessive note taker, both visual and written. For him, the iPhone is second to the wheel in invention. To be able to have on hand at all times the ability to record and notate the world and thoughts around him was game changing. And these personal archival data becomes the skeleton that can be inspiration and reference always at his disposal to create and find his reality.

Hornet is excited to add Andrew to the roster of directors and to be able to support his evolution in motion and filmmaking. It is a fascinating place to be to bear witness to the tipping point of chaos and structure, and the relative shifting balance between personal and work, impermanence and structure.

You can view some of his work here.

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