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Hooligan Editor Alejandro Delgado Cuts 'Silence the Virus' PSA for NY Ad Contest

Post Production
New York, USA
'Silence the Virus' was recently selected as part of Bowery Film Festival Special Edition: Covid-19 Film Series, which is highlighting unique and original works made during the pandemic
Hooligan editor Alejandro Delgado recently worked on 'Silence the Virus', a PSA for Governor Cuomo’s 'Wear A Mask' New York Ad Contest. The spot delivers a powerful statement about the importance of wearing a mask in public to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Conceived by creative director Steve Grskovic and directed by Rick Knief of Table of Content, the spot drives home the message through a brilliant interplay of visuals and audio.

"The music and sound design was the driving force behind the concept of the spot, and it informed our approach to editing the visual narrative,” says Delgado. “We built the momentum sonically, layering ambient city noise and soundbites of news, TV, and radio – basically whatever Rick had at home that could create noise – before the chaos resolves in silence once the mask is on.”

With a short deadline, no budget, and limited resources, the challenge became the team's biggest champion. Knief shot the piece in the confines of his apartment, and Delgado presented the first cut a day later. All in all, they completed the job within four days, from conception to final master.

"It was an intense few days working remotely, but we seamlessly and intensely connected,” concludes Delgado. “We relied on our own instincts and experiences as fellow New Yorkers to tell this story. It has a lot of relatable moments for me, especially when the talent is looking out the window, intently listening to the ambulance – something that I have personally experienced working alone in my own apartment.”

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