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Honda’s ‘The Hybrid You Can Feel’ Highlights the Soaring Sensation of Driving the Honda Jazz  

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Paris, France
Sid Lee and Hakuhodo metaphorically demonstrates the sensations of driving with a diver soaring through the air

In keeping with its pledge to produce a 100% electrified range by 2022, Honda is introducing several new models: the Honda Jazz Hybrid and the Honda Jazz Crosstar Hybrid. This is the 4th generation Jazz and, for the first time, it is a self-charging hybrid.

For this launch, Sid Lee and Hakuhodo have created their 6th campaign for Honda Motor Europe-part of the brand’s larger strategy of creating a unique tone of voice which distinguishes it from its competitors.

The all-new Jazz Hybrid is a model in efficiency - small on the outside but with a roomy interior whose adaptability makes it functional and practical without compromising on design. Like Honda’s recent predecessors, the Jazz Hybrid and Jazz Hybrid Crosstar features Honda’s signature e:HEV technology, offering both low fuel consumption and an agile and dynamic drive. Drivers will experience nothing but smoothness and the sensation of gliding through the air.

‘The Hybrid You Can Feel’ is a metaphorical demonstration of the sensation drivers will feel inside the new Jazz. In the launch film, directed by Pantera and produced by Solab, a professional diver(Robin Georges)leaps off a cliff and soars through the air. Once the diver jumps from the cliff, we can feel the car’s responsiveness: the engine starting and responding instantly to the touch of the pedal. As we watch the diver twisting and turning in the air, descending through the clouds, we can feel ourselves flying-the sensation of driving the car is as silent and smooth as the Jazz. Then, as the diver straightens out, preparing his trajectory for landing, his actions mirror the car’s efficiency.

“The launch of the all-new Honda Jazz was the next important step towards the goal of electrifying all mainstream models by 2022. The focus of the campaign was to home in on the great technological advantages the Jazz now has to offer, including e:HEV Hybrid and Connected Services technology, whilst retaining its unique qualities that it has set a high benchmark for, such as, its safety and spaciousness. With Sid Lee and Hakuhodo we have been able to demonstrate the emotional connection our customers can experience when driving the all-new Jazz with this exciting and eye-catching campaign”. 

Fabrice Estève, marketing communications manager, Honda Motor Europe.

The film has been on air since June 2020 in European countries.

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