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Advertising Agency
New York, USA
Haeun Kim, art director at Johannes Leonardo, hand-picks five authentic and exceptional American ads released in the last month
Haeun Kim is a Korea-born, Cambodia-raised art director currently working at Johannes Leonardo in New York City. She has worked across various accounts, most notably Kraft Heinz and MassMutual, and is passionate about human-inspired solutions and timeless design. Outside of advertising, she enjoys Formula 1, mid-century furniture, and watching mukbangs at midnight. As America enters its 'new normal', Haeun will be interested to see how the novel, unorthodox and creative ways the country has produced work in 2020 will interfuse with more traditional ones that existed pre-pandemic. She is feeling extremely hopeful that it’ll bring out some exceptional ideas, as we’ve seen this month. A lot of authentic storytelling with raw honesty, emotion, laughs and stunning craftsmanship. What’s not to love about these?

Freestyle Libre - 'Now You Know'

Agency: Anomaly New York
Director: Mark Molloy

A fun pharma ad exists?! Directed by Mark Molloy, this charming spot follows diabetes patient, Paul, and his emotional yet complicated relationship with food. While taking on a more comedic tone, the spot relies on real dilemmas and challenges that patients experience daily and demonstrates how one can take a 'no' to a 'know' with Freestyle Libre’s monitoring device in bold storytelling. Who would’ve thought an ad on a medical device can be so entertaining and engaging? Can’t say 'no' to this one.

Doordash - 'Soul of the City'

Agency: The Martin Agency
Director: Kristian Mercado

As a person who spent most of the pandemic in New York City and witnessed some of my favourite spots closing, this stunning short film by Kristian Mercado and The Martin Agency hits home. This film captures the resilience of our diverse communities and unique stories of the American Dream as more restaurants open their doors. And to top it all off with the messaging to ditch its food delivery app and 'Go Dine In' is a bold move from Doordash. Not to mention, the shumai from Nom Wah is delicious, and you should definitely check out the restaurant.

Apple - 'Introducing Spatial Audio on Apple Music: Beyond Stereo'

I’m always in awe of Apple’s ability to demonstrate the innovation of its products in the filmmaking craft, and this one’s no different. This spot is designed to highlight the new spatial audio capability in Apple Music and it does so by visualising the multidimensional sound experience in a literal sense - cloned artists appear in different parts of the set, singing from all around the room, around you. The manipulation of lighting and gravity-defying movements in the spot makes it truly breathtaking. I’m so glad they chose this song because I had to look it up when I heard it for the first time!

Oscar Mayer - 'Keep It Oscar'

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

YUM YUM YUMMMMMM. It’s just so catchy. In this new campaign for Oscar Mayer, Johannes Leonardo brings back the simple magic that people initially loved for the Wienermobile or the Oscar Mayer Wiener. The new brand platform, 'Keep It Oscar', is truly an invitation to find fun in life, and is brought to life with a series of quick 'meat-contents' by a diverse range of creators and styles, which you can find here. This hero spot, 'Presenting the Yum Choir', went viral on TikTok with people engaging and commenting: "This is how Justin Bieber wishes yummy sounded like” and “I hate that this kinda slaps.” I think that pretty much sums up the success of the campaign.

Miller Lite x New Balance - 'Father’s Day: Shoezie'

Agency: DDB San Francisco

Dad shoe meets the father of light beer. As a fan of New Balance shoes, this is a Father’s Day collab I didn’t know I needed. Not only does the 'Shoezie' look great (almost identical to the 624 sneakers), but it’s also very functional in keeping beers cold and supported during warmer summer months when Dads need it the most. The print executions featuring real-life Dads nail it with the vintage New Balance aesthetics. Cop or Drop? Dad shoe koozie hybrid is a cop for me...

Work from Johannes Leonardo
A Side of Bacon
Kraft Heinz/Oscar Mayer