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High Five: USA

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
From powerful mums to nonsensical cookbooks, Havas New York CCO and rising star Dan Lucey shares some of his favourite recent work from across America...
As one of advertising’s fastest rising stars, Havas New York CCO, Dan Lucey, believes in the power of ideas and how these ideas can influence society, people and the planet. An award-winning creative visionary, he has an uncanny ability to craft stories that connect with an audience in a meaningful way, create relevancy through culture and grab headlines.

At Havas New York, Dan is elevating creativity and craft across the group, diversifying talent and tapping into entertainment and culture at scale to create content people choose to engage with. Here, he shares some of his favourite recent work from the U.S...

Frida Mom - 'Stream of Lactation'

Agency: Mekanism
Director: Rachel Morrison

New mums bare it all in this 100% honest film about the struggles of breastfeeding. Frida Mom urges women to not only take care of their baby, but to take care of their breasts as well. It’s a powerful message that is executed flawlessly for their new Breast Care line. The result is a piece of communication that feels completely fresh for the category. A shorter, censored version was also created for mainstream TV.

F!ve Drinks Co. - 'Dear Celebrities, Buy Our Liquor Brand'

Agency: GUT Miami

I love work that comes out and says the thing we’re all thinking, like why does every celeb own a liquor company these days? Felipe Szpigel, owner of F!ve Drinks Co. is not a celebrity himself; but to stay on the cultural trend, he playfully tries to get a celebrity to buy his company in the latest ad for his canned cocktail brand. Even though I’ve never had the product, I already love the brand for this playful cheeky stunt.

Cox Communications - 'Drawn Closer'

Agency: 180 LA
Production: Nexus Studios

I read that 85% of school drama productions were cancelled because of Covid-19. As a dad of a 12-year-old girl who was part of that 85%, this one really hit home. Seeing the joy on the children's faces as they watched Academy Award-winning director, Patrick Osborne, turn their musical into an animation was very touching. The full-length animated film will air on Cox’s Yurview on Mother’s Day.

Nike - 'The Toughest Athletes'

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Many women who are pregnant or that recently became mothers may wonder if they can be an athlete during this stage in their life. Nike left no doubt that they absolutely can in this truly epic, totally inspiring film that uses a mix of professional athletes alongside everyday ones to promote their new maternity line. We already knew mums are hardcore, and Nike did a wonderful job showing it. It must be noted that Nike has been called out in the past for not being supportive of the athletes on their roster when they became pregnant, so it’s great to see how they’re embracing them now.

Postmates - 'Don’t Cookbook'

Agency: Mother L.A.

I’m a sucker for good design and work that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Don’t Cookbook has both. Creating a cookbook that doesn’t teach you how to cook, but tells you to use Postmates instead, is an idea that clearly aims to provide a little levity to its audience. Sometimes the best way to be really smart is to be really dumb. The book and the site are full of playful, nonsensical copy and striking bold imagery. They even take the joke to its fullest expression by offering a limited number of hard copies of the Don’t Cookbook for purchase. I think I may buy one.