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Saphire Favell and Ben Conway, creatives at McCann London, pick out five innovative and unique ideas that have recently caught their eye

We’re Saphire Favell and Ben Conway, a creative team at McCann London, and this selection is about celebrating the lateral nimble ideas that range in size from a one-off fashion collab to an hour-long documentary. I hope you enjoy our selection, and if you don’t...just close the tab maybe?

Lucozade - 'Lucozade x Sports Banger'

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Move over PLT huns, Lucozade and Sports Banger have got our backs! It’s unexpected for sure to see Lucozade show up at London Fashion Week - and let’s be honest, we’ve all seen ‘brand does fashion’ loads - but this feels right. Maybe it’s our nostalgia growing up with the orange fizz, coming together by the hand of Sports Banger that resulted in what will probably be the 'must-have' dress of the season...but it’s fantastic. Shoutout to the team Christian and Andy who got a seemingly nimble idea into being a bit of work chatted about culturally. Now, do we get some free merch because of the shoutout? Two Lucozade crop-tops please xo

TSB - 'Savings That Sneak up on You'

Agency: McCann London

Spend. Save. Spend. Save. You get the idea! Coming in hot from McCann HQ (we swear we haven’t been tipped off to write up agency work), the new instalment for TSB really proves banking doesn’t have to be a bore. Continuing the partnership with David Schwimmer, we see him being a little sneaky - just like how your savings can sneak up on you when you use a ‘Spend & Save’ account with TSB.  Single-minded bants, it’s nice to see a celebrity letting loose a little and painting their face to blend in with restaurant décor...who thought we’d ever say that!?

The Vagina Museum - 'Neighbours'

Agency: The Or

What do you call your vagina...if you have one? We absolutely love finding new work on Twitter, and this special comes from @awlittlenatty and team at The Or for The Vagina Museum. It’s a dream to go long copy with style, and this list of nicknames for what you could, can and probably name yours is a gorgeous, hilarious piece of writing that is a joy to read. Shoutout to these three in particular: 'Tuna Canoe', 'NOTORIOUS V-A-G' and 'Tuppence'.

Patagonia - 'Run to the Source'

Production: Walks Of Life Films

Sometimes in creative we get caught up in the pace of the 60-second edit, the 30-second cutdown and the dreaded 10-second bumper (sorry if you have 10-second bumper related trauma) - but we rarely push the boundaries of longer-format brand content. This work for Patagonia is a delightful example of how, sometimes, conversations and insight need room to breathe. Watch the full thing, we loved it.

Vice - 'Viceverse'

Agency: Virtue Media Group
Production: BIG

Met-a-verse. Beep. Boop. Met-a-verse. Put your crypto-bro on a leash, because we’re entering the unknown world of the metaverse...well, in this case, the 'Viceverse' - a place that’d make Sir Francis Drake quake in his boots at the idea of exploring somewhere that doesn’t quite exist - ish! We love to see more brands - and in this case an agency - create an actual space dedicated to forward-thinking approaches to working with clients. And who knows? The next generation of creative talent might see this and think...'Yeah, I want to do something in advertising', or maybe they’ll just become artists. It’s all in the hands of God. Nice one, Virtue!