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Sunny Hermano, managing director and head of growth at Edisen APAC, picks five projects from Singapore that have caught his eye recently

Here are a few ads from the last couple of months that caught my eye, and were also the ones people were talking about here in Singapore. It ranges from the world-famous 'Squid Games' to a couple of spots that really captured the essence of a Singaporean...

Netflix - 'The Swoon Quiz'

Agency, Production, Post & Music: Edisen APAC

A very topical interactive ad that brings the viewer to the game world of 'Squid Games'. It's engaging.

FoodPanda - 'Auntie Knows the Real Deals'

Agency: In-house at FoodPanda
Production: Atypicalfilms
Post & Music: Homeground Studios

With its signature hot pink, FoodPanda utilised humour to communicate that there is an 'auntie' (a sign of respect for an elder) in all of us. It encouraged us to unleash our very own inner-auntie and take advantage of the deals brought to them by FoodPanda.

SingTel - 'My Grandmother’s House'

Agency: In-house at SingTel
Production: Akanga Film Productions
Music: Film Music Collective

This annual festive film comes back this year with more 'kiasu-ness' than ever (having a grasping or selfish attitude arising from a fear of missing out on something). Viewers are in for a ride with the use of tongue-in-cheek humour, the films brings you the spirit of Chinese New Year and the quest to find a long lost friend. The children of the competing families come together to find her, with SingTel’s 5G technology and the internet to save the day. 

Circles.Life - 'Numbers and Self-Worth'

Agency: In-house at Circles.Life
Production: Bump Creative Clump

A very insightful ad, and well-scripted, this truly captures Singaporean stereotypes. Good casting. Timely message.

Samsung - 'Listen to Your Heart'

Agency: Cheil Singapore
Director: Tai Heng

My final choice is an emotional execution for what could have been a hard-sell product ad. Unfortunately, this spot has become controversial due to portraying a member of the LGBTQ as one of the talents.

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