High Five in association withThe Immortal Awards

High Five: Rob Reilly

Advertising Agency
London, United Kingdom
From the complexities of fixing gender inequality to chicken flamed rockets, global CCO at WPP, Rob Reilly, commemorates five extraordinary pieces of advertising

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I wanted to be a game show host when I grew up. It seemed like a fun job to keep the show going, and in the end, somebody always won. In some ways, that is what a great creative director does when it comes to making ideas that the press writes about and the world loves, shares and spreads. I guess I wound up right where I thought I would...

Harry’s Bread - 'Little Girl'

Agency: TBWA\Paris

I remember seeing this ad while judging the Clio awards in Palm Springs a while back with the late, great Tony Guilisano. He worked for the Clios and was a champion of all creative people and loved the work. During that judging session, one print ad stood out as an example of a simple, pointed brief that led to a magically simple execution. And it wasn’t done for Nike or Apple - it was done for a small bread company to communicate how superiorly soft their bread was. NICE AND SOFT. Damn.

KFC - 'KFC Hot and Spicy'

Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Photography: Illusion

This Ogilvy campaign just killed me the moment I saw it, and it's not because I love fried chicken...who doesn’t!? It’s because I know how hard it is to communicate a product feature that you can’t see. Add some mind-melting craft to this recipe of advertising genius and you probably have the most iconic fast food print work of all time.

Dunlop Tires - 'Tested for the Unexpected'

Agency: AMV BBDO
Director: Tony Kaye

David Ogilvy was once asked if he would ever suspend a man upside-down to sell something. His answer was something like: "If it was to sell pockets that didn’t let change fall out, he would absolutely do it." When you work hard to land on a fresh, pointed strategy, it allows the creative people to go away and get properly crazy. Tony Kaye directed this glorious vision of all the unexpected things a driver might experience when out on the road and how Dunlop is the tire you need no matter what. And I’m giving The Velvet Underground a slash on this one.

State Street Global Advisors - 'Fearless Girl'

Agency: McCann New York
Production: Traction Creative New York
Music: JSM Music

I have told the story of 'Fearless Girl' a lot over the last few years, but it's hard for me to make any list and not include it. Maybe it is because she started as a way to promote a financial company’s commitment to fixing gender inequality on Wall Street and ended up as the global symbol of female empowerment - hopefully for generations to come. Reach for ideas that can impact the world well beyond the years you will be on it. That’s a nice brief for young creatives.

Reddit - 'Superb Owl'

Agency: R/GA California

Arguably the most disruptive five seconds in Super Bowl history brings home my High Five. This wasn’t a Super Bowl ad at all. It was the most supreme hack ever, executed on the world’s largest marketing stage. The Super Bowl is our Academy Awards night and R/GA and Reddit blew it up and made us all question what the hell we were doing. Reddit is all about passionate communities coming together. Hopefully this atom-bomb idea has inspired us all to constantly reimagine what we do on the big game and everywhere else our brands need to shine.

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