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High Five: Recent Faves from Wunderman Thompson's Keka Morelle
Advertising Agency
São Paulo, Brazil
The CCO of Wunderman Thompson Brazil shares five striking ads from around the world that authentically connected businesses to their consumers

The ideas I’ve selected all highlight something I consider very relevant for brand communications at the moment: understanding people’s behaviour with regard to entertainment and educational content and, instead of interrupting, creating opportunities within these environments to generate a genuine connection between people and products to open up a space to discuss some of the most important topics in our society...

Heinz - 'Hidden Spots'

Agency: GUT

The first idea that I find very interesting is 'Gesture' for WhatsApp. Soccer is a game with its own gestures and rituals, and while people are watching a match and enjoying the entertainment, there are a lot of opportunities for brands to connect. That’s what WhatsApp did, to remind people of their security and privacy. When a player made a certain gesture, communication appeared reminding people of its end-to-end encryption. It was a super cool, fully-embedded way to make a connection with the product and the audience.

WhatsApp - 'Gesture'

Agency: AlmapBBDO
Heinz teamed up with 'Call of Duty' - the number one game in the world - to help gamers snack safely. They found a moment of consumption and fully inserted themselves into the gaming context. It’s a great insight into this specific media and Heinz was able to build a story that complements, entertains, that is part of what is going on, to talk about its product.

Tramontina - 'Trophy Grill'

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

Wunderman Thompson Brazil’s work for Tramontina also finds an opportunity within a problem. There was a soccer team who became champions before the competition ended, and they were going to celebrate without the cup. It was an opportunity for Tramontina to place its product in an environment which would give them huge visibility. Getting into the spirit of celebration and building a really true connection, which is the connection of barbecue with soccer, valuing this relationship.

Johnnie Walker - 'Walking'

Agency: AlmapBBDO

The 'Walking' case creates educational content within a truth, a branding of the brand, on top of the walking story. Something very interesting which brings a message of awareness and care with relevant, educational and engaging content.

ORIBA - 'Earth Suit'

Agency: AKQA
Director: Manuel Nogueira

The idea brings a new way of connecting fashion with sustainability. I guess is brings an interesting way of creating content by just being able to be aware of cultural insights...