High Five in association withThe Immortal Awards

High Five: Recent Faves from Shortstop Creatives

Advertising Agency
Halifax, Canada
Sam Archibald, creative director; Peter Woodward, managing director and Jess Shortt, digital director at Shortstop, select five ads that have caught their eye in the last few months

We are privileged to live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but it isn’t a major advertising hotbed. One would think it can be hard to find inspiration, but we find it helps refresh our view of the world. Plus, with the way technology is going, we can keep up with LBB while on a hike 30 minutes outside the city. These are some of the pieces of work that have inspired us in the past few months...

Lubalin - 'Whose Love'

Director: JB Proulx x Antoine Ryan
Music Label: Cult Nation

It has been exciting to see how Lubalin, a Montreal-based musician, has transitioned from viral comedy fame to promoting his music releases. There are a number of videos he’s created around the release of his new album, but we love the one for 'Whose Love'. The environment, his performance and the aspect ratio make for work that exemplifies what we think more brands need to do - get creative.

Polycam x UNESCO - 'Backup Ukraine'

Agency: VIRTUE Worldwide

This work exemplifies the power that creative agencies can have in our world. The blending of technology, communication and a powerful idea meet in 'Backup Ukraine'. We find it equally devastating and inspiring.

Apple - 'AirPods with Spatial Audio + Music for a Sushi Restaurant'

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts

It’s been hard to escape this one, but the combination of nostalgia, great music and a creative product demonstration make it a knockout in our view. Harry’s album (we dream we’re on a first-name basis) and Apple both get a little push, all while showcasing the spatial audio technology that we’re still not sure we like turned on, but if it sounds this good, we’ll give it another go.


Agency: Havas New York

We love a good stunt, and the '#BURYTHEBILLS' campaign that NYC Pride pulled on anti-2SLGBTQ+ lawmakers in the USA was *chef’s kiss*. Simple idea, take an antiquated but still used communication channel that goes direct to lawmakers and flood it with queer love every time you scan a QR code (and click a button).

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - 'Immortal'

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair
Production: Scouts Honour
Filmmaker: Mark Zibert
Design Agency: Leo Burnett Design

If you’ve made it through the previous four selections, you definitely have six minutes to spare for this incredible film from The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Created by Broken Heart Love Affair and Mark Zibert, it’s an ode to the species that leaves behind so much - humans. Advertising is often about taking big chances, and this work reminds us that there’s no reason you can’t drive attendance through six minutes of pure visual spectacle. The rebrand from Leo Burnett Design is a great modern contrast with that. We love it, and it excites us to be tourists again in Toronto.

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