High Five in association withThe Immortal Awards

High Five: Matthew Kenney

London, UK
Creative director at GUT Toronto, Matthew Kenney, challenges conventions with five bold and powerful picks aiming to ignite change

The thing that I love most about advertising is that, as creatives, what ultimately drives us is our ability to change mindsets for the better and to ignite change. Sometimes, that means challenging the norm, being honest about our shared history, and frankly, making people feel uncomfortable. Film gives us the opportunity to tell stories to the world that not only open up our hearts, but also our minds...

The Atlantic - 'Typecast'

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Production: O Positive
Post: Mackcut

This is such a thought-provoking spot. As creatives, we should question our assumptions in everything we do. This spot was super powerful and I know it speaks to The Atlantic's core mission: to provide a different perspective, speak the truth, share our history and question everything.

Procter & Gamble - 'The Talk'

Agency: BBDO New York
Production: The Corner Shop
Post: WORK Editorial
Sound: Pulse Music NY

I remember when this piece was released. It received a fair amount of criticism. From my understanding, it was intended to be an internal piece, but was so powerful that they decided to make it external - because this film was about them. I loved how they approached this from a human standpoint and tried to speak to people rather than a group of people.

Always - 'Like a Girl'

Agency: Leo Burnett
Production: Chelsea Pictures
Post: Cutters

Beautifully simple. Perfectly executed. This film was genuine and captured that epic and frankly honest battle to keep girls' confidence high during puberty amidst the everyday challenges they face. This is one of those iconic ads we’ll reference forever. And of course, it also won an Emmy.

Channel 4 - 'Super. Human.'

Agency: 4Creative London
Production: Serial Pictures x Somesuch
Post: Time Based Arts
Director: Bradford Young
Sound: Leland Music x Factory

I love how the perceptions about disability were challenged to promote Channel 4’s Paralympics coverage. This film is a perfect articulation of the 'To be a Paralympian there’s got to be something wrong with you' tension. It’s an editorial masterpiece. There’s no doubt why it won a Grand Prix this year in Cannes.

Tim Hortons - 'Diverse Snowpeople'

Agency: GUT Toronto
Production: Steam Films
Director: Goh Iromoto⁣
Post: Rooster Post x Fort York VFX x Red Lab
Sound: Grayson Music

A snowman is an icon from the holidays that we knew could be reinvented to teach a powerful lesson. Canada is also known for its snow and cold weather, so we knew it would connect with Canadians and also resonate with a global audience who often hear about a snowman, but not a snowperson. That’s how 'Diverse Snowpeople' was born. Using snowpeople perfectly encapsulated the shared values of diversity, tolerance and inclusion Canada is known and celebrated for.