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High Five: Impactful Projects That Will Leave You in Awe

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London, UK
Harriet-Kate McKean, executive producer at Irresistible Studios, shares her thoughts on an eclectic range of work that left her wishing she was part of them including the likes of Harry Styles and Katy Perry

When an ad makes you envious to have been involved in the project, that’s how you know it's good. All of these films left me wishing I was part of the team that made them - from technical achievements to purposeful campaigns, these are the types of films that leave you in awe. I believe we play an important role in advertising. As creatives, we get to make inspiring content, but also have the chance to change people's point-of-view. The films we make can be fun, but can also give a voice to vital issues. Brands have the biggest platforms on social media - that's huge - and it's critical that they use them to share important messages, even if it just changes one person’s life. We can have fun and create eye-opening content...

Just Eat x Katy Perry - 'Did Somebody Say'

Agency: McCann London
Production: Craft London, in-house at McCann London

Just Eat couldn’t have found a better brand personality than Katy Perry for this advert, especially considering how obsessed she is with food (who could forget her Burger costume for the Met!) I feel like I’m watching one of her music videos as the ad doesn’t give typical food commercial vibes (even though everything looks super edible!). The mixed media of animation, VFX and puppets worked so well together to portray this fantasy 'Alice in Wonderland' type of world. Although Snoop Dogg was iconic, I think this evolution of Just Eat is advertising genius!

B&Q - 'Flip'

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studios
Production: Pulse Films

The craftsmanship of this advert left me in awe, I genuinely felt envious that I wasn’t part of the project because it's a dream for anyone in the industry. The fact that they took the risk and the outcome was so stunning still shocks me. The behind the scenes videos of how they made it happen are so impressive, the crew must have been buzzing with excitement at the end of that shoot! Now onto the actual advert, I think the creative of the project really pushed the boundaries in advertising, to have thought of this and made it happen? Unbelievable!

Mayor of London - 'Have a Word'

Agency: Ogilvy UK
Production: Spindle

As a woman, I know exactly how it feels to be catcalled or harassed on the streets, that’s why this campaign is one of my top five. I don’t think that people often understand the severity of the issue, but this campaign shows all of the different perspectives that get played in these types of situations. From the friend asking her to text her when she’s home safe to the guy fighting with himself to do the right thing, I genuinely believe that having a female director was vital for this film to have the effect that it has and I’m not surprised it did well at Cannes recently! Brilliant!

Harry Styles - 'As It Was'

Production: UnderWonder Content
Label: Erskine Columbia

This music video just shows how important choreography and movement is! I love the artistry behind it considering the location is pretty ordinary, but the composition, wardrobe and the way they synchronise on that revolving floor just makes everything so much more vibrant. Harry Styles is really giving me Elton John vibes throughout the entire video and even though it’s not a joyful track, I feel joy watching it and i’m smiling all the way to the end, as I understand how difficult it must've been for the movement director and choreographer to have structured everything to look so effortless and natural. Also - the transitions tick!

ArrDee x Aitch - 'War'

Label: Island Records
Production & Post: Irresistible Studios

I’m a little biased on this one considering it’s one of ours...but I couldn’t not include it! January 2022 kicked off for Irresistible Studios with the launch of our music video department and the first video to land in our laps was this little gem. Working with creative artists like ArrDee and Aitch meant we were pushed to our limits. They knew exactly what they wanted and we did everything to bring their vision to life, with the help of a fantastic team (who have become some of my favourite crew to work with). Playing on the theme of the track, we had our armies running towards each other, to 'battle it out' through music, which is my favourite part of the project! Proud!

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