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High Five: Denmark
Advertising Agency
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mette Hau Larsen and Sally Trier, art directors at Epica's Agency of the Year, &Co. / NoA, pick out five incredible projects from Denmark that deserve an extra nod

It’s famously said that there’s something rotten in Denmark, but it’s not in the works we have chosen to highlight. We’re very excited to give an insight into the Danish ad industry at the moment. The cases we’ve chosen manage to be entertaining while also addressing serious topics like sustainability or road safety - and we’re here for it! Budgets are tight in Denmark, so the creativity has to work harder by using insights people recognise to get them to think and reflect. It’s something quite characteristic for Danish ads and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do...

TAKT - 'Thank You'

Agency: Reklamelinjen
Production & Post: Bacon
Director: Bine Bach

Students from ad school Reklamelinjen and production company Bacon made an ad for the sustainable furniture brand TAKT. We think it’s cool that students can make such professional and creative work, and we look forward to seeing more work from them in the future! They’ve created this visually cool and absurd concept that makes us think of Wes Anderson. The composition and choice of props, colours and sound effects are spot on and they really bring the fun and whimsical universe to life.

Danish Road Safety Council - 'A Helmet Has Always Been a Good Idea'

Agency: &Co. / NoA
Production: New Land
Post: Copenhagen VFX

Here is a little humble bragging - a campaign from our agency. It can be quite a challenge to get adults to wear a bicycle helmet, but we think this campaign nails it and makes us reflect on how stupid it is to value vanity over safety. We like how this campaign uses Danish history to show that even a 1,000 years ago, we faced the dilemma of looking cool or being safe, but it has always been wiser to choose safety. We think it was such an entertaining and well produced ad that it could have been a show on Netflix.

Dollar Shave Club - 'Mafia'

Agency: In-house at Dollar Shave Club
Production: Epoch x Bacon
Directors: Matias Rygh x Mathias Nordli Eriksen
Service: LIFT
Editorial: The Den

We fell for this ad because of the unpredictable behaviour of the stereotypical mafia boss and his gang. It’s clever and surprising to use a situation that’s a typical show of power and then change the outcome from being dramatic to an admiration of a very smooth shaving.

TV2 - 'Winter Olympics'

Agency:  In-house at TV2 Creative

Granddad: "These skis belonged to your great-grandfather. Make him proud." Dad: "Come on, Ludvig Piece of cake - it’s going to be fine. One two..." Hairdresser/dad: "Beautiful" Child: "Mum, I need to go to the bathroom" Mum: "There is a toilet in about 16 kilometres" Dad: "What is it?" Doctor: "I think there is slalom potential in the boy's hips" V/O: "There are greater winter sports nations than us. And so what? Follow the Danish underdogs in the Winter Olympics." End screen translation: "There are bigger sports nations than us. And so what!"

This ad for the Danish broadcaster TV2 is based on the cultural insight about Danes being underdogs in the Winter Olympics. The other participants start off better than the Danes in the various disciplines because of their traditions, geography and facilities, but that won’t stop the Danes. The honesty of the ad is refreshing and it’s great when brands don’t sugar coat things. This kind of self-deprecating humour is quite Danish, and TV2 nailed it!

Doctors Without Borders - 'Click'

Agency: The Unicorn
Production: New Land

In this ad, the sound design is a crucial element to understand the message. We all know the click of the computer mouse and we connect it to buying something. It's a clever way of showing that every donation you make online saves lives. This idea is simple but powerful, and the execution is really beautiful. What’s not to like!?