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ROTHCO's Jen Speirs shares her favourite work from Ireland

When I look back over the last year, I genuinely feel that it’s been a pretty great one for creativity in Ireland. Was great to see examples where clearly the work has been pushed, pulled, lifted and twisted in such a way – that it’s charged out into the world, refusing to be ignored. Here’s a collection of ideas doing good, selling speed, making employees feel included – and an ad with one of my greatest music hits of all time… enjoy.

VW Sustainable OOH

Agency: BBDO Dublin

Production: Headcase

OOH is deceptively hard to get right. And sustainability messages from brands, are hard to make original. This does both jobs, really well. And clearly the team knew it was going to be great before they set out, which is why they turned the hanging of an OOH poster – into an activation they filmed. Yes, well done to the agency. But for this, I think it’s at the very least, equal well done to the client for buying it.

Allianz x Women’s Aid

Agency: In The Company of Huskies

Production: Rattling Stick

Client: Allianz & Women’s Aid

Post Production: Absolute Post

When a rug pull is done really well, it’s really powerful. Like with this – I’m clearly watching a sports brand women’s empowerment spot… oh – hang on a sec, no I’m not. It’s an ad about violence against women. And I’m all in. When it comes to the craft, there’s not an element that’s been compromised. The grade. The VFX. The sound design. Everything takes me effortlessly from the ad I think I’m watching, to the harrowing story of strength that I’m actually watching. Now, I know from many discussions about this ad, not everyone agrees. But whatever you think about the spot, a standing ovation goes to Women’s Aid for doing everything they do to support victims of domestic violence.  

Virgin Media 'Pick Up the Pace Radio'

Agency: Publicis Dublin

Production: JyellowL

When you’ve secured the dulcet tones of Brian Cox as your brand spokesperson, you could just write a radio script about speed, with wall-to-wall VO, let him loose, and legitimately have done a good job. But the team here didn’t settle for good. They pushed for creative that was very hard-working when it came to flogging the benefit of speed, but that was also going to get talked about, shared – and turned into a real cross-channel media moment. I think even Logan Roy would be impressed with this.

Accenture Song - A.Period

Agency: ROTHCO

Now, at first glance – a brief to do an internal comm’s message to run across Accenture Song about period talk might be dismissed as a bit meh. But thankfully, right from the get go, everyone involved in this saw that this could lead to something as magical as a human-sized talking uterus with ovaries as hands. So then everything from the brief, to the idea, to the scripts, to the shoot, the design, the set – was crafted to within an inch of its life, by the amazing people I get to work with. As a female, as an Accenture Song employee, as a creative – every facet of who I am, loves every aspect of this campaign. Period.

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Three - Bearded Dragon

Agency: Boys+Girls

Production: Ponder

So I must confess that probably the thing I like most about this ad, is the music. I mean, you literally had me from the first note of ‘I need a hero’. My attention is yours to lose now. And while I love it when an animal is used to tell a really human story (Samsung Ostrich is still one of my favourite spots of all time) it’s definitely Bonnie Tyler that’s the hero for me in this ad. Strong choice.