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High Five: Canada

Advertising Agency
Toronto, Canada
Global chief creative officer at Cossette, Peter Ignazi, shares five Canadian ads that he feels are a welcome light in a world where current creativity is not in good shape
I don’t think the state of advertising creativity in Canada is in good shape. I don’t think the state of world advertising creativity is in good shape. I don’t think the state of creativity in any form on a global scale is in good shape. But I think we’re in for a hell of a creative blowout. This insane period of time we’re going through, the pent-up need to connect, socialise and create again. This state of social, racial, class, sexual and identity upheaval that’s happening is about to unleash the greatest creative revolution we’ve ever seen. Diversity of thought. Diversity of experience. Voices finally being heard. Statues being torn down. Attitudes being torn down. And in their places: the new, the fresh, the unexpected, the wonderful. In our world, this new light of a new creativity is already starting to peek through the cracks: 'You Love Me' for Beats by Dre, 'Womb Stories' for Bodyform and Bo Burnham’s 'Inside'. Just imagine what’s next. What an incredible time to be in a creative industry...

Egg Farmers of Canada - 'It’s Not Weird'

Agency: Cossette

Seen Bo Burnham’s 'Inside' on Netflix yet? You should. Oh and you still haven’t seen 'The Wire' yet!? Kidding. I’m not really not one of those guys...usually. Anyway, there is no more sublime expression of the weirdness of the past year and a half than that piece of comic genius. But why do I bring this up? Because, despite everything we’ve been through during this madness, some of you are still thinking that eating eggs outside of the breakfast time-slot is weird. I’m not making this up. You’re probably one of them. Anyway, this is the second year of our campaign and it’s meant to make you see the light. You’re weird for thinking eating eggs for dinner is weird, okay? And don’t we all just desperately need to laugh right now? Sorry. Now go watch 'Inside'.

B.C. Cancer Foundation - 'Ballsy Ribbon'

Agency: Rethink

Full disclosure. I have testicles. (I write a lot of stuff. I’ll probably write a lot more stuff in my life. But I’m going to make it my goal to start off something else I write with those two sentences. Wait for it.) Anyway, look, these ribbons are all about awareness and support. We’ve all seen a zillion of them in all the colours of the rainbow. So they do a good job of showing you support something but kind of lose their effectiveness to get noticed. Sure, one might not recognise these ribbons as testicles, per se. But someone may ask: “Why do you have TWO ribbons, upside down, right beside each other?”, and you can say: “They’re balls!”, and then your friend will say, “Hey, yeah! Balls! Cool! Why?” then BOOM...awareness! Mission accomplished.

Kruger Products - 'Absorb Life. All of It.'

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair 

I am fucking everything up in my life right now. It’s been 18 months of this shit and I haven’t booked a single kids’ camp, planned anything for summer, I’m burning everything I cook, I’m spilling quinoa everywhere, I’m cooking quinoa, I haven’t planted anything in my garden. I’m doing everything wrong, I’m a horrible parent and spouse and son and I just want to stop hating myself, okay? Thank you paper towel company for giving me a break. I like you because you understand that I’ve got problems and yes absorbency can actually solve some of them. Can you please send some of your tissue brand products to dry my tears now?

IKEA - 'Our Little World'

Agency: Rethink

This is one of the nicest films to come out of Canada this year. It has a lovely message and it’s perfectly executed. There’s really nothing else to say. Okay, fine. It is kind of weird to see something like a duvet cover with a price point at the end of these IKEA films though. But I know that's a global mandate. And to consumers it’ll be fine. But to us in the business it’s like "Wait... wasn’t this a brand ad? Oh no, it’s for a Sklarbo desk drawer knob. 35 Kroner.” But I’m just looking for something to criticise because I wish I did it. Yeah, that’s how small of a person I am. Lovely work.

David Suzuki Foundation - 'Nature Friendly Token'

Agency: Camp Jefferson

I don’t really know what an NFT is. I’ve also spent my entire life unaware of the existence of the word 'fungible'. So moving to things that are NON 'fungible' really just blew by me too fast. But everyone is talking about them all the time. And thanks to John Cleese creating a Brooklyn Bridge NFT and this piece for the David Suzuki Foundation, I get kind of a sense of what’s going on. Apparently it’s not good. So I’m glad someone’s doing something about this, I guess. And now that I’ve googled 'fungible' I can tell you who is definitely non-fungible...Mr. David Suzuki. So I guess what I like about this piece is that it generates awareness, educates and seems perfect for this brand. I sincerely hope it stops this from continuing or whatever it needs to do.