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Corey Esse, managing director and executive producer at FINCH, shares five of his favourite projects to come out of Australia in the last few months...
Corey Esse, managing director and executive producer at FINCH, began his advertising career at Australia’s iconic Publicis Mojo, becoming the regional head of television. Following on from there, he joined Fallon Minneapolis as the head of integrated production and oversaw transmedia projects for blue-chip clients. After living in the US, Corey moved to EXIT Films as managing director and executive producer where he oversaw many award-winning international campaigns. In 2015, he joined FINCH and has helped steer the company to winning Production Company of the Year in the GUNN REPORT, London International Award and at Australia’s local award shows. Here, Corey shares five of his favourite projects to come out of Australia in the last few months...

United Nations - 'When Will She Be Right?'

Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive
Production: Rabbit
Post: ARC Edit

I remember the first time I saw 'When Will She Be Right?' and how confident, strong and powerful its messaging was. The Monkeys and Rabbit Content director, Madeline Kelly, highlights the seismic shift required to reach gender equality on behalf of their client UN Women Australia. The performance of lead actress Miah Madden is captivating and the cinematography is beautiful. I also love the way they have used the black and white cutaways of empty locations to make the viewer connect with the scenarios being spoken.

Flybuys - 'Give a Flybuys. Take more.'

Agency: CHE Proximity
Production: DIVISION
Post: The Editors

I give a Flybuys! While this piece of work may not make a lot of sense in other countries due to the lyrics focusing on Australiana, it will still feel fresh compared to a lot of the other film work out there. CHE Proximity has partnered with DIVISION director, Sanjay De Silva, to bring together a diverse bunch of Aussies and stuck the camera in a myriad of places as the characters lip sync to camera. It is hard to keep something good for nearly three minutes, but this piece does it.

Victoria Bitter - 'VB Solar Exchange Explained'

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Save the planet and get beer, where do I sign up? Victoria Bitter and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have created an opportunity to use your unused solar power and swap it for beer. Hot sunny day = more beer... Promotions like this are traditionally incredibly difficult to pull off, especially when you need another client to help activate it, in this instance, Diamond Energy and Power Ledger. I am sure this one probably took a lot of time and effort to get up, cheers to those involved.

Deakin University - 'The Future Belongs to the Ready'

Agency: TBWA Melbourne
Production: Revolver

TBWA Melbourne has a different take on messaging for Deakin University in this film. Even from script stage, this project was interesting and I think Revolver Films director, Dani Pearce, has brought the 100-year-old poem to life with stunning visuals and great casting. Taking place in and beside the ocean, the film uses the sea as a metaphor for life.

Westpac - 'Post Fire Cards'

Agency: DDB Sydney

I really like what DDB Sydney has created for their client Westpac in this bushfire support campaign. While this one has been around for a little while, the case study has only just dropped. I love how it uses postcards and debit cards to seamlessly create awareness and desperately needed help for regions devastated by the bushfires. Each postcard illustrates a well-known moment from the fires with a pop-out debit card that can only be used in bushfire-affected regions. The regions not only had to endure fire, they were then hit with Covid-19, so getting much-needed tourism dollars into these regions should be supported and applauded.

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