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High Five: A Glimpse into the World of Sport

London, UK
Mark Norcutt, creative director, and Amy Eagles, operations lead at Fifty Digital, pick out five sporty specials worthy of sharing

As we work at a creative agency within sport, we thought we’d select some of the best from our field. Some more recent than others, but given the big wins at Cannes, it was hard not to include them in our High Five...

EA Sports x The Kiyan Prince Foundation - 'Long Live the Prince

Agency & Production: Engine
Post: Framestore x nineteentwenty

Mark > Some ideas you love because of their craft. Others because of the way they make you feel. But the ones that really get me are the ones that are just so beautifully simple. 'Long Live the Prince: The Kiyan Prince Foundation' falls into that camp. It’s a wonderfully powerful idea, expertly told. Imagining what Kiyan’s life would have been like if he wasn’t tragically struck down through knife crime. Bringing his story to life through player interviews, visualisations as the face of advertising campaigns and even starring in FIFA 21, was a brilliant piece of emotional storytelling, being relatable and authentic whilst delivering a very important message.

CALM - 'Tyson Fury and the Invisible Opponent'

Agency: AMV BBDO
Production & Post: MPC

Mark> The way we are seeing athletes is changing. Now it’s not just on the pitch or track where they are inspiring us. I love how Calm have used a sport that’s all about power to show we are all vulnerable. Highlighting Tyson Fury’s battle with mental health in a brilliantly simple way. Honest and authentic, it just goes to show you don’t always need big budgets to do incredible work.

NBA - 'All-Time 1st & 2nd Team NFTs'

Agency, Production & Post: Fifty Digital

Mark> Digital collectibles have become the must-have asset with sport fans. So, to celebrate the NBA’s all-time European first and second team vote, we decided to create a series of NFTs for the fans and the players themselves. The result was hours of craft from our basketball-crazy design department, capturing these iconic and career-defining moments in beautiful 3D animation. With the players amongst the first to rave about them, the cards became the centre of the debate.

Puma - 'Do Both: Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir'

Agency & Production: COPA90
Director: Lawrence Tallis

Amy> This really resonated me with as a working mother. This documentary tells the story of female footballer, Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir, and how she refused to sacrifice her career to have a family - something a lot of women sadly have to do. We follow her at the beginning of the pregnancy, training while pregnant and figuring out how to do both play and mother. Her story of fitness and getting back into the game post baby is really compelling and something that should be more openly talked about with women in sport. Sara’s goal was to play at the Women’s Euro’s next month and I’m now invested in whether or not she’ll make selection. A really lovely film, shot beautifully and made incredibly personal with the self-captured shots by Sara herself.

adidas - 'Bare Breasts: #supportiseverything'

Agency: TBWA\Neboko

Amy> This was an ad for the new range of adidas sports bras, highlighting 43 different styles and why they are needed. It’s pure and to the point. I absolutely love it, and I love it even more for the fact that it was later banned by the ASA - which I suspect may have been part of the play, to put a spotlight on the ludicrous ruling and give another nod to one of the many adversities that women face when it comes to our bodies.

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