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High Five: A Fresh Take on Audio

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Micky Tudor, CCO at The&Partnership, explores the world of audio with five innovative projects that seize creative opportunity

Audio used to mean radio, but my High Five shows how incredibly diverse and creative the world of sound has become across platforms. Like everything, it is undergoing a technology-driven revolution, but there is no jazzy tech in the ideas I have chosen. Just smart simplicity. Audio is still under the radar as a creative opportunity, but some are doing it well and these are simply my favourite recent ideas across Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, podcasts, and yes, I even have a jingle in there. Hopefully they may inspire you to think of audio differently...

Kellogg’s Pringles - 'Pringlesonic'

Agency: Grey London
Production: SMUGGLER
Director: Michael Clowater
Editorial: Marshall Street Editors
Post: Black Kite
Sound: Gramercy Park Studios

Pringlesonic is an ode to the OG’s of gaming. At its heart is a Pringlesonic Chip, an 8-bit depiction of a potato chip created in binary code and sent out to the world through sound. Start the teaser film and you will jump out of your skin with the sudden, hideous 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp' like someone has just flatlined and scraped their nails down a chalk board..though to some it couldn’t be more beautiful. To me, it's the sound of sitting with my brother in his bedroom as he loaded a cassette tape of endless excitement and fun: Manic Miner, Jetpac, Atic Atac!!! A mind-poppingly smart celebration of 40 years of gaming.

Barilla Italia - 'Playlist Timer'

Agency: Publicis Italy

Ideas for Spotify have been most powerful and effective when they simply curated things that already exist in an interesting way, giving them a new purpose. In this case - perfect pasta. Barilla teamed up with Spotify to help you time your pasta perfectly, with each mini playlist corresponding perfectly to the exact cooking time of the brands favourite pasta shapes.

Tim Burgess - 'Twitter Listening Parties'

What started as a 140 character platform to tell the world what you had for breakfast is now being used to gather round a piece of musical content and chat about it; to share views, stories, insight and ideas - like a massive modern day campfire. Twitter Listening Parties were created by Tim Burgess (better known as the lead singer of the Charlatans) to spotlight noteworthy albums past and present. It works through Twitter’s livestream function. They have become so popular that now Tim has a book out called 'The Listening Party': “Relive 100 of the most memorable listening parties with stories from bands and fans, rarely seen backstage images, and unique insider info from those who created the iconic albums.” Next time he has a party, join it.

Australian Police Force - 'Crime Interrupted'

Agency: Host/Havas
Production: In-house at Casefile

Audio is a visual medium. As proven by the dramatic podcasts that Host/Havas created for the Australian Police Force. It’s a podcast series that takes listeners behind the scenes of some of the country’s deepest investigations, but most of all, it's a really novel and creative way to entice new recruits into the force.

Just Eat - 'Snoop Dog'

Agency: McCann London
Production: Riff Raff Films
Director: François Rousselet
Editorial: Final Cut London
Post: MPC London

I couldn’t write about audio without mentioning the greatest jingle of the decade: ‘Did somebody say Just Eat?’. A whole strategy built on the power of audio. Brilliantly executed. It's a ringworm that burrows into your ear and the creative work embraces it, with Snoop Dog smoothly dishing out next level lyrics like ‘Tacos to the chateaux’. Genius.