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Henry Scholfield Vossi Bops Through London in New Stormzy Promo

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London, UK
Caviar director directs music video that doubles up as a homage to a viral Twitter clip
Caviar Director Henry Scholfield continues a streak of epic videos, this time serving up a storm of Vossi Bopping mayhem for Stormzy’s first single from his new album. 

Vossi, by the way, is Stormzy’s mate, whose little ‘bop’ - and Stormzy’s subsequent single hook clip - went viral on Twitter some two years back. Fans have been calling out for the track ever since, but Stormzy wanted to drop it in a big way.

The video is the first collaboration between the director and artist, who both wanted to create something iconic, dynamic and chaotic. 
Henry says: “I wanted the vid to feel like a kind of series of lyrical chapters, with each scene/tableaux landing a visual statement that tied into the track. Working with Stormzy was class; he’s smart as a whip, with a wicked sense of humour and we had a lot of fun with banter back and forth. More than that he was totally up for the, let’s say, more outlandish elements or in jokes; lounging on an Uber, not a Lambo… we laughed hard about that one. A real pleasure! And big-up to all the excellent crew and cast on this one!’

The Caviar production team had 10 working days from sign off to delivery. Daniella Manca, head of music and content at Caviar, says: “Pulling it all together in double quick time meant we had to be creative with the resources, we reached into our network to take advantage of timezones to make the most of the working hours. But when a song like Vossi Bop and artist like Stormzy comes along you just need to be the magician, a lot of rabbits out of the hat! Henry and Stormzy in close communication with each other along with an open an honest platform from production to label about what could be achieved meant we could push forward at a fast pace, oh and a lot of coffee!”
Shot over two days in London, the film features a cast of 70 dancers, a troupe of menaces, bike stunts, drag cars, and iconic Londoner Idris Elba. 

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