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Henry Scholfield Sees Double for New Dua Lipa Promo

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London, UK
Caviar director delves into the singer’s mind for new track ‘IDGAF’
Externalising the conflict of a breakup, Henry Scholfield gets inside the head of Dua Lipa in the video for ‘IDGAF,’ the next single released from her self-titled debut album.

Dipping into his well-known clever camera trickery and perfectly stylised production design, Scholfield presents us with a mirror image of Dua and her dancers standing on either side of a blank space. A clear contradiction between the sides of Dua’s psyche, her stronger defiant self and a softer confused side. We are placed right in the thick of the argument as the two sides culminate in a dance induced middle finger to a lingering ex.

Scholfield is no stranger to emotionally expressive choreography: “I wanted the conflict between Dua’s two alter-egos to become an emotional exchange in their movement. I had the chance to work with the fantastic Marion Motin, to create a choreography that is something you sense/feel rather than just watch. Dua and I devised a way to make her two alter egos opposing, and she did an amazing job at personifying them in her performance, without missing a step… literally.”

Already a fan-favourite and sitting at over 40 million streams on Spotify, ‘IDGAF’ is the sixth single taken from Dua’s album. Conceptualised by Scholfield in collaboration with Mosaert (Paul ‘Stromae’ Van Haver and his creative director Luc Junior Tam), the guys had worked together before on Stromae’s own music videos. Scholfield explains “For the concept, we wanted to embody the sense of empowerment in the track, whilst going beyond the literal breakup context. A visual of the internal struggle, showing the two sides of Dua’s emotive state, like an argument with someone you love. The strong Dua at first berating then eventually persuading her weaker alter ego that they both don’t give a f***.”
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