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Help Them Buy the Perfect Gift: Tips for Mother’s Day Campaigns

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Httpool on how the emotional aspect of Mother’s Day allows businesses to communicate more than just their product

Help Them Buy the Perfect Gift: Tips for Mother’s Day Campaigns

On 9th May, 45 countries across the globe will celebrate Mother's Day, including Australia, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Indonesia. Businesses such as fitness centres, beauty salons, or spas leverage this special holiday to help family members pick out that perfect gift for their mother. In 2020, the average American consumer expected to spend more than $200 for this special occasion. With vaccinations and a subsequent return to normality shining on the horizon, this Mother's Day, we could speculate that gifts would become more generous, as 78 percent of people polled by told NRF last year said that Mother's Day is even more so significant to them due to the Covid-19 realities.

For marketers, both conventional and 'Hallmark invented' holidays represent an amazing opportunity for brand-building. Thus it is important to devote some time and energy to producing holiday-specific content. 

The strong emotional aspect of Mother’s Day allows businesses to communicate more than just their product. Thus, advertisers should look to building campaigns that make people feel comfortable and entice them to share a wholesome – and personal – side of their lives with a brand. If done well, Mother’s Day campaigns will not result in cheesy, cloying campaigns that alienate rather than endear, but will look for an ideal blend of personalised brand interaction, topical messaging, and powerful storytelling.

General Guidelines for Mother's Day Campaigns

• Present the power of mothers. Recent Mother's Day ads have thrown a new twist on conventional femininity, defined by flowers, fancy cakes, and the color pink. In some cases, they even discuss sensitive societal topics, and in this way demonstrate the power of motherhood.

#TakeThePressureOff by

For example, Supriya and Shriya Supriya Pilgaonkar, a real-life mother-daughter couple, star in this short and sweet ad from The ad shows how a mother is so supportive towards her daughter by not pressurising her to marry, in spite of different social expectations.

• Present actual people, share real-life experiences. Nothing is more entertaining than hearing a story, and on Mother's Day, true stories often win. Brands understand that by showcasing real women, they will express the often chaotic side of motherhood while still touching their consumers' hearts.

Tesco: #EveryMum

Tesco's Mother's Day 2020 campaign told true stories of all different kinds of 'mums' out there, including stepmothers, foster mothers, maternal mothers, adoptive mothers, aunts, and more. This campaign stood out from the competition, effectively tugging at viewers' heartstrings, encouraging inclusivity on a holiday where many families felt neglected, and using actual people rather than actors. So, share authentic stories either by asking your customers to share their own experiences or collaborate with storytellers to produce high-quality content and have your brand stand out during a busy sales time.

Ensure you're targeting the right audience. Focus on hitting the feeds of those interested in your product (while ignoring the feeds of those who aren't). Since they aim with precision and emphasis on conversion, our strategic paid marketing strategies are structured to achieve a total return on ad spend.

Make the checkout process as straightforward as possible. If you don't use paid media, make sure your customers can still see a clear call to action and quickly navigate to your e-commerce page. Discover how to use Instagram's tools to convert an inspired browser into a customer.

But don't forget that you can also increase store traffic. If getting customers into your store is more important to your company, use your social campaign to accomplish that goal. There are various ways to do this in the run-up to Mother's Day, from shop locators to product sampling. 

What are Httpool experts saying?

Leverage Twitter to talk to mums

Businesses should use Twitter to reach out to the ever-increasing mum market. Twitter is the most popular social media platform in Japan, with 64.1 percent of its population. In reality, Asia-Pacific accounts for more than a quarter of all Twitter users. These facts all point to the same conclusion: as brands advertise on Twitter, they have a captive audience of mums. To take advantage of mums' regular Twitter use, include this site in your social media strategy. Here are few tips to help you boost your brand's Twitter marketing plan for mums.

1. Customers should have a personal relationship with you. To increase customer confidence, retweet positive feedback from followers, respond to tweets promptly, and tweet relevant material. Consumers will appreciate the honesty, and it will help you build a strong bond with them that will help you maintain your brand's reputation and increase sales.

2. As a marketing tool, consider Twitter's ad platform: Join the rising number of businesses taking advantage of Twitter's sponsored tweets, profiles, and trends. With the built-in analytics software, you can monitor how well the ads are doing.

3. Timing your Tweets is essential. Moms are more likely to post and read other people's tweets between noon and 3:00 p.m. To improve your chances of being heard, be active on Twitter during this period.

4. Tweet coupons and product alerts: All mothers generally use Twitter to track brands to learn about new items, deals, and coupons. Give moms what they want, and they'll be more likely to buy your goods – and, hopefully, become regular customers.

5. Be original, timely, and witty: Since Twitter is mainly used during free time, most moms enjoy seeing the humor in business tweets. Creating entertainment becomes necessary to get moms' attention and increase the probability of retweets and brand engagement.

6. Maintain a seasonal tone in your Tweets. Moms want to see seasonal content because their interactions with brands change with the seasons. For example, in the winter, general brand discussions are more common, while individual brand mentions are more common in the summer. This may affect how you develop your Twitter strategy. Keep an eye out for spikes in other seasonal conversation starters, such as indoor family events in the winter, annual Spring cleaning tips, etc.

7. Initiate discussions about women as people, not only as mothers: Most moms use Twitter as a way to unwind from their hectic lives, and they tend to chat about celebrities, sports, and food rather than solely about motherhood. On Twitter, embrace moms' personality by focusing on her interests rather than just her children and family life. 

Facebook's massive audience, coupled with its robust targeting options and engaging ad formats, makes it a great social media advertising tool for marketers looking to interact with new customers. So this Monther’s Day, use Facebook to share content about mums and follow the tested recipe of marketers, who put their strongest focus on creating content for Facebook and their company website, respectively.

Here are some insights and examples of how you can promote your Mother's Day marketing deal using Facebook:

• Use exclusive fan-only content to entice users: Your Facebook fans, especially mums, need to feel valued, and we've found that giving exclusive offers or information to them is the best way to do so. Fan-only content will help you attract new fans and keep current ones. It's a way to get people to like your page and then convert them into sales over time.

• Encourage users to 'Like' or 'Share' about the excellent service, a wide variety of items, and cost-saving offers they got at your place of business by providing easy-to-click links from your website to Facebook accounts.

• Post interesting content that will pique your fans' interest in your products: Sharing product details is fantastic, but always emphasize the benefits to the moms and how your product solves their problems. The most powerful are those that create enthusiasm and commitment.

• Use promotional posts. With promotional posts, you can start a conversation among your fans: Connecting with Facebook Fans can be done by in-store and online promotional messages. When you learn that your favorite shop is having a sale, you want to let all of your friends and family so that they can take advantage of the savings. On Facebook, it operates the same way. Your Mum fanbase will share details about your promotions with their networks if you share it with them.

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