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Harris Teeter and P&G Launch Social Responsibility Partnership

New York, USA
Aisles for All program, created by P&G and agency Blue Chip, will serve as a model for co-branded local support from the community-minded retailer.

Harris Teeter and P&G have launched Aisles for All, a social responsibility program that establishes a model for ongoing community support through Harris Teeter stores.

As part of the Pride month launch, the two companies have donated $25,000 to CenterLink, a global organisation with LGBTQ centres in the Mid-Atlantic markets Harris Teeter serves. Ads in local newspapers and Harris Teeter online circulars announced the program, while shelf tags on P&G products reinforce the message. Beyond Pride month, Aisles for All will give Harris Teeter a model for partnering (with P&G and other respected manufacturers) to celebrate and support local community people and services.

“We’re taking the opportunity to make a bigger difference in the communities we serve,” said Chuck Munn, VP of non-perishable merchandising for Harris Teeter. “Aisles for All gives Harris Teeter a model for activation on a wide range of citizenship causes, from celebrating people’s heritage and identity to tackling social issues. We expect to make it a staple of our community outreach.”

Blue Chip found opportunity in the intersection of Harris Teeter and P&G values. Harris Teeter centres around service excellence, calling associates 'heroes' and rewarding shoppers with discount sports tickets and free Thanksgiving turkeys. Likewise, P&G is defined by its longstanding commitment to global citizenry. The company maintains a wide range of community programs that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion under the banner Force for Good, Force for Growth.

And Harris Teeter shoppers want their communities to be the best they can be. Numerator finds that 86% respect people’s differences in ethnicity, race, and religion, while 82% want equal opportunity for all and 76% feel a responsibility to work for the greater good.

“People increasingly connect to brand values that match their own and view companies according to the value they provide to their communities,” said Alison Snarponis, senior strategic planner at Blue Chip. “Harris Teeter and P&G see stores as community services and shoppers as neighbours. We’ve provided a structure for their shared community spirit.”

Harris Teeter plans to develop a central site that showcases the various Aisles for All activations and impact, while listing ways visiting shoppers can help support and engage in the causes. Once the site is live, product signage in-store will feature a QR code linking to the site, so shoppers can connect instantly with celebrated causes.

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