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Guinness Shouts Free Stout with Temperature Controlled Promotion

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Melbourne, Australia
As Australians deal with winter weather, this temperature-activated Thinkerbell campaign encourages drinkers to enjoy stout at its prime

Winter and Guinness go hand in hand, which is why the brand is celebrating Australia’s coldest month of the year with a unique, weather-moderated giveaway. 

To encourage drinkers into the pub to enjoy a stout at its prime, GUINNESS has launched GUINNESS WEATHER, allowing punters to redeem a free pint of Guinness Draught as soon as the temperature drops to ideal consumption conditions. 

Winter is the best season for enjoying a Guinness, however a lesser known fact is the optimum temperature to pour a pint of the black stuff is between five and seven degrees, so when the temperature drops to five and seven degrees outside, the promotion activates. 

“Everyone thinks about Guinness on St Patrick’s Day but the campaign aims to remind drinkers that winter is the best time to enjoy a Guinness, and a great time to get people together enjoying a pint in their local pubs,” said connections director Ed Stening. 

“We wanted to give people a reason to look forward to a cold snap, with a chance to enjoy a Guinness at its best,” said Paul Swann, Thinkerbell executive creative tinker. 

Guinness lovers can check out the website housing an official Guinness Digital Thermometer which gauges the temperature on the border of NSW and Victoria. A free Guinness is not far with the promotion’s Pub Finder tool, which locates the closest participating venue. The promotion is now live and will run throughout July or until keg stocks last. 

The promotion is supported by a multi-channel campaign running across outdoor, radio, PR, digital channels, and media partnerships. 

Visit here to check out the promotion. 

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