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Grey Singapore & Healthcare Brand Scott's Make Mothers Feel #Momazing
Agency launches touching campaign with an emotional manifesto for mums

Every day, all around the world, millions of mothers do a million things for their children. They provide for them, encourage them, and help them with everything from learning to read to fixing a broken toy. They listen to them, watch over them and teach them – be it through storytelling or demonstration. Mothers do all these things without question. The only questions are the ones they ask themselves. ‘Am I doing it right?’ ‘Am I doing enough?’

A new campaign by GREY Singapore – executed on behalf of Scott’s, part of GSK Consumer Healthcare brand portfolio – finds a beautiful and emotional way to answer that: #MOMAZING.

GREY achieved this by coining the word and defining the concept of #MOMAZING. It’s the moment a mother witnesses a developmental leap in her child’s life; whether it be the moment their child takes their first steps, reads for the first time or learns to tie their shoe laces. That's the moment she knows that everything she’s doing is right. That's her biggest payback, her greatest reward. This insight was uncovered during the many conversations GREY and GSK Consumer Healthcare held with mothers across Asia.

The emotional centrepiece of the campaign is a long format online video which brings to life the #MOMAZING concept. Beautifully captured observations from the lives of mothers and their children are told through captivating narration, expressing the #MOMAZING feeling. The 360 campaign will also feature 30- second market-specific TVC’s, and online digital and social activations. The digital and social media elements will drive the audience to the video. The campaign will also launch new online content that will provide additional product information and encourage user participation.

Packed with the goodness of cod liver oil, Scott’s Emulsion helps to support immunity, growth and development. Because of this, Scott’s has become a brand trusted by mothers for generations to help their children grow up strong and healthy. The campaign also encourages daily usage by linking the product benefits of Scott’s – namely: the proven impact of DHA and Omega-3 on supporting normal brain function and mental performance – with the word #MOMAZING.

“Being a mother is both the most rewarding and the toughest job in the world. The right choices aren’t always clear or available, and with so much contradictory advice flying around, it can be hard for mothers to feel confident about the choices they make,” explains GREY VP, Global Strategy Director- GSK, Judd Labarthe. “With #MOMAZING, Scott's introduces a new word for a powerful set of feelings that all mothers already know. It’s the feeling they get when they see their child has made a developmental leap. That’s when mothers know they are getting it right.”

“We aim to create a movement. The campaign is designed to position Scott’s as a partner to mothers, accompanying them on their child’s developmental journey, giving them the opportunity to share their #MOMAZING moments, stories and pictures. Something mothers do already – but now they have one simple word and hashtag to link it all up, brought to you by Scott’s,” explains Till Hohmann, Executive Creative Director at GREY Group Asia Pacific.

Having just launched in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, #MOMAZING is a truly pan-Asian campaign for Scott’s. Emotional, unique, and social, this new campaign is only getting started.

“Driving a strong emotional connection with mums is vital to how we will grow our brand. By demonstrating our commitment to helping them support the development of their children, we hope to engender trust and confidence in our product proposition. #MOMAZING is simple, specific and engaging – we are confident Scott’s mums will want to be a part of this and share their moments with us and fellow mums,” says Charles Leslie, Global Head of Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, GSK Consumer Healthcare.

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