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Grey Melbourne Deliver A Simple Message For The TAC
If you drive on drugs, you're out of your mind


Drug driving continues to be prevalent in road trauma data. 
Victoria Police figures show that 18.5% of killed drivers and riders tested positive for THC (the active component in cannabis) and 5.3% tested positive for illicit stimulant/amphetamine-type drugs in 2010 (latest data available), representing an increase on 2009.  
Ongoing TAC tracking research also indicates that while a large part of the community accept the potential risks of driving while effected by drugs, there is still a portion of the community that do not understand (or accept) the effects that illicit drugs can have on a driver's ability to fully control a vehicle.
Drivers who indulge in cannabis use have been deliberately targeted in the TAC's latest effort to tackle drug driving and reduce the number of deaths on Victoria's roads.
Working with Grey Melbourne, the Transport Accident Commission has developed new radio, press, online and outdoor extensions to support the existing ‘SWAP’ TVC which first aired in 2009.  The campaign seeks to demonstrate the effects that drugs have on drivers and the consequences of taking drugs & driving. The campaign which commenced on May 28, consists of outdoor posters, press ads, radio and online advertising.  
Overall, the campaign aims to discourage road users from driving or riding after having used cannabis by highlighting the affect that cannabis has on their driving capabilities and the associated traumatic outcome.
This campaign is part of the strategy to make our roads safer and our message is a simple one - if you drive on drugs, you're out of your mind.
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(For new outdoor, radio, press and online)
Client: Transport Accident Commission
Creative Director: Nigel Dawson
Senior Art Director: Josh Murrell
Writers: Nigel Dawson and Sharon Condy
Account Director: Jodi Gubana
Senior Account Manager: Bec Steward
Client: John Thompson & Geraldine James
Media: Mitchells (Dan Andrew)
          e-Mitch (Rebecca Denbraber & Laetitia Colin)