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'Greenwashing' Exposed in Subversive Fashion Film by Director Irene Baqué

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London, UK
Dog Eat Dog director teams with Changing Markets Foundation on 'Fossil Fashion'

With sustainability high on the global agenda, Changing Markets Foundation today releases a fashion film with a twist to draw attention to their findings report on some of the UK and Europe's biggest fashion brands' use of synthetic fibres, and their transparency about doing so. 

48 high street brands were investigated, with 59% of green claims by European and UK companies including H&M, ASOS and M&S unsubstantiated or misleading to consumers, concluding that fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels and greenwashing spells disaster for the climate, nature and human health.

The accompanying film ‘Fossil Fashion’, directed by Dog Eat Dog’s Irene Baqué, uses familiar fashion film tropes to lure the viewer into a false sense of security before it becomes clear all is not as it seems. As a metaphor for the fossil fuels used to make the polyester clothes sold by many high street brands, oil begins to pour from the garments. Baqué chose to use darker lighting and evocative sound and music to add to the eery, unsettling revelation.

Baqué comments: “It's been amazing to have the creative freedom to visualise what The Changing Markets has been researching. The aim was to show the impact fast fashion has on the environment. It was important for us to start with something visually appealing and familiar - so I went for something that felt colorful, soft, dreamy, light. The use of 16mm film was key to get that look we had in mind. The styling was also very purposeful; using polyester textiles with an overall color palette that felt consistent and relevant to this year's trends.”

Changing Markets campaign adviser, George Harding-Rolls, adds: “Working with Dog Eat Dog and Irene Baqué, helped to take the Fossil Fashion campaign to the next level creatively. Their expertise and flexibility shone through at every step, balancing the need to get across our hard-hitting message with the practicalities of coordinating the shoot, art direction, casting and visuals. The end product has helped us reach new audiences and level-up the impact of our work."

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