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Great Northern Brewing Captures the Feel Good of the Great Outdoors
Advertising Agency
Melbourne, Australia
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne films mirror high end activities with the joys that can be found in the great outdoor

Australia’s number one beer, Great Northern Brewing Co., has launched a new campaign highlighting the feel-good benefits of the great outdoors. 

The creative, developed by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, juxtaposes the high-end, luxury activities people do to relax and unwind against similar activities that can be found in the great outdoors. 

Built on Great Northern’s existing brand platform, The Beer For Up Here, the new work features three launch films to bring it to life, playing off luxury hotels, fine dining, and inner-city bars.

“When it comes to making yourself feel good, things seem to be getting more and more complicated. There are opulent retreats, fancy restaurants that are hard to pronounce, complicated workouts - the list goes on. But the truth is, much of what we need is already in the great Australian outdoors." said Jim Curtis, National Chief Creative Officer at Clemenger BBDO. "We also aimed to use the feel of the brand to give people a nice break from all the shouting in any given ad break.”

The campaign also features a series of OOH and digital displays bought against publications such as Urban List, Traveller and Good Food so that the creative is contextual to the articles it runs next to. 

"Regional Australia cannot be matched. We're so lucky to have these amazing places in our own backyard. For us, our challenge is to inspire as many people as possible to get out into the great Australian outdoors to feel refreshed and energised. And let’s face it, a trip into the outdoors is even better with some great friends and some great beer for the end of the day," said Hugh Jellie, marketing manager, Great Northern Brewing Co. 

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