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Great Guns Welcomes New Representation Across USA

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
"I am proud to be a part of this group, which is one of the best I’ve ever worked with”
- Above (L-R): Perry Tongate, Sharon Swanson, Roxanne Artesona // Below (L-R): Jeff Bowman, Jeanie DiMaggio, Laure Scott

Great Guns today announces it has partnered with new representation across the USA. Sharon & Perry, led by Sharon Swanson and Perry Tongate, will represent the production company in the Midwest, whilst Roxanne Artesona and Jeff Bowman join for East Coast, Jeanie DiMaggio for West Coast, and Laure Scott for music videos.

Oliver Fuselier, MD and EP of Great Guns USA, comments: “To have a strong, smart and strategic sales team is vital to the success of any production company in today’s environment. I am proud to be a part of this group, which is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Sharon & Perry, the creative management company based in the Mid West, champion creative storytelling in the pursuit of brand growth and prosperity whilst working to inspire change in the industry. Both with enviable career histories, Sharon grew up running brands for the likes of Hal Riney, Chiat-Day, Leo Burnett, and Ogilvy. Perry, meanwhile, spent 10 years as a national sales rep for charlieuniformtango - before spending another decade as an independent rep.

Sharon & Perry comment: “We are excited to share Great Guns with our agency and brand colleagues. The depth and level of sophistication their roster brings is both encouraging and inspiring. We appreciate having a solution for any ask, from commercials to long-form branded content, social, and music videos.”

East Coast
Representing Great Guns on the East Coast, Roxanne Artesona and Jeff Bowman believe in the power of storytelling to affect change, helping clients produce thought-provoking, socially relevant work that can generate or join conversations that matter. 

Translating her passion for the arts into an aptitude for recognising and championing creative talent, Roxanne sincerely believes in everyone she represents with a personal investment in their success. She currently sits on the Admin Committee for The Commercial Directors Diversity Programme, and is the EP for a special deployment of Covid-19 Motionpoems. Jeff’s skills in communications and creative thinking - as well as his sharp analytical processes - defines the way in which he connects with people, fosters opportunities, and creates new relationships. A partner at roxanneandco. for over 15 years, he brings his expertise to bear on business development and marketing campaigns.

Roxanne Artesona and Jeff Bowman comment: “From incredible young talent to industry icons, Great Guns has an enviable roster of directors that we can’t wait to share with brands and agencies across the East Coast. We’re really looking forward to collaborating with this brilliant team of people, led by Oliver [Fuselier, MD and EP of Great Guns USA], who has such an exciting, innovative approach to the industry and the ways we can champion the talent within it.”

West Coast
Joining as West Coast rep, Jeanie DiMaggio previously worked as an in-house rep at Hungry Man before launching DiMaggio Representation, Inc. to represent live action, editorial, and animation companies for commercials and branded content. With 20 years of experience, she’s worked with top industry talent as Bryan Buckley, Jim Jenkins, David O. Russell, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Jeanie DiMaggio comments: “Great Guns and Oliver [Fuselier, MD and EP of Great Guns USA] have curated an amazing roster of diverse talent including brilliant BIPOC and female directors. The Great Guns directors display remarkable creativity spanning many genres - I’m continually impressed with this roster and excited to be collaborating with such an innovative group of forward thinkers in our field.”

Music Videos
Laure Scott continues to represent Great Guns for music videos. On staff at The Artists Company in 1989, Laure rose through the ranks to Vice President of their music video division, The A&R Group. Since 1996 she has been an independent rep, working on a bi-coastal level alongside musicians including Madonna, R.E.M, Britney Spears, and Maroon 5. Having booked over 400 videos in her career, Laure’s latest project was Tarsem’s epic music video for Lady Gaga’s latest single, ‘911’. 

Laure Scott comments: “I love working with Great Guns because their directors are all so different and exciting, whether this is Ilya Naishuller who directed The Weeknd’s amazing ‘False Alarm’ video or Norton - who I’ve already connected with Galxara and John K. Great Guns’ roster is so diverse, with amazing female directors like Cassie Brooksbank and Meena Ayittey.”