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Goodfella’s Introduces the Godmother. And She Demands the Best

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London, UK
Campaign by Grey London sees ‘La Madrina’ surveying her pizza empire in uncompromising mobster style
Goodfella’s means business. On Monday 1st April, the fastest growing frozen pizza brand rolled out its new marketing campaign: ‘Made with Respect’. Produced by Grey London, the heavyweight £4.2m investment is set to be the biggest of any frozen pizza brand in the last six years.

Claire Hoyle, head of marketing at Goodfella’s, comments: “We wanted to get to the essence of the brand to understand how consumers really felt about Goodfella’s. Our research revealed a deep resonance and recall of our original Italian-American history and many consumers made the association with iconic gangster movies. 

“Our rich heritage is something we’re really proud of – it’s what made Goodfella’s famous in the first place. So we’re going back to our roots as the foundation, but adding a contemporary twist by taking inspiration of modern movements, in particular the rise of powerful, female characters.”

Meet the Godmother

It’s 2019 and Goodfella’s has an imposing new boss… The Godmother, or La Madrina. As the respected arbiter of quality that accepts nothing less than the best, she demands high standards and is uncompromising in her upholding of the values of how pizza should be made. She commands the absolute respect of everybody she encounters and is responsible for the original pizza, made with fresh ingredients, using dough that is left to rest and baked on Italian Stone; just the way it should be.

The campaign sees La Madrina make her way through her pizza empire, testing products as she goes and demanding only perfection. She eventually reaches a dinner table with her family ready in place, the room falls silent as she approves the final product and slices it for everyone to enjoy.

“Our La Madrina character is a mould-breaker,” continues Claire. “She perfectly epitomises our brand evolution and brings Goodfella’s into the modern day. Our products are ‘Made with Respect’; if it’s not good enough, it’s not going in the box.

“To coincide with our new marketing strategy, our entire portfolio will be getting a facelift: more cheese, improved sauce and topping weights and a more rustic and natural dough finish. The changes have certainly gained the respect of consumers, with preference significantly higher than competing variants during testing. A new pack design will also be rolling out to promote the authentic quality of the Goodfella’s range and call-outs to our enhanced recipe will feature prominently on the pack.”    

Frozen pizza as a whole is now worth £415.5m (+3.6%) and penetration is up at 68.3% (+0.8%). Measures such as frequency (+1.4%) and units per trip (+0.7%) are also both on the upward trajectory. 

“Goodfella’s current market share is 18%, which is the highest it has been for five years. With over seven million households buying into the brand each year, we have a strong customer base to build on with our NPD and range updates. Goodfella’s offers something for everybody; we strive to cater for changing consumer demands, such as our new Vegan SKUs for the dietary sector, as well as ranges that recreate the takeaway experience,” concludes Claire.

Will Adam, creative director at Grey London, comments: “We wanted to introduce a demanding, highly-respected boss to show the unyielding craftsmanship of the Goodfella’s empire. And who better to represent the traditional, Italian-American way of making quality pizza than… The Godmother? She’s tough, talented and keeps all her secrets in the freezer.”
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