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Give the Gift of Creative Freedom


How ReMake can help save your team from the Great Resignation

Give the Gift of Creative Freedom

The holidays are coming. Have you thought about what your creative team wants for Christmas?

Hint: it’s not a box of chocolates. Or a scarf regifted from your Mother-in-law. It’s not even a Tesla (Actually, scratch that. They probably do want a Tesla).

So what do they want? It's something a little less tangible, but a lot more precious.

In a word: Freedom.

We’re not talking full chest-thumping, Braveheart-style freedom. Just your regular, everyday freedom. The freedom to get on with the job and get shit done. The freedom to not have to spend all day working on backbreaking, tedious, niggly stuff that, frankly, they shouldn’t have to bother with. And most importantly, the freedom to produce great creative that they, and your business, can take pride in. 

After all, it's why they signed up.

It's what members of in-house creative teams up and down the land are crying out for. But it's what so few of them get it.

That’s because the first thing businesses do when they start scaling up is to pile on huge amounts of time-consuming labour on the backs of their creatives.

When you’ve got a great product backed up by a well-thought-out advertising campaign that customers are really responding to, you've got two options; go hyper-local and scale your story domestically, or go global. Both are expensive, and the further you reach the more complicated it becomes. 

Thinking globally, you can’t copy-and-paste brilliant domestic advertising campaigns into foreign markets. Often they just won’t translate. Language barriers aside, different countries and regions have different values, different cultural touchstones, and different methods or platforms through which they consume advertising.

Even between one English-speaking country and another, a joke that had your original audience in stitches might be confusing, irrelevant, or even offensive to viewers in another geographic and cultural setting.

To connect with people in other regions, you’ll need to localise your content, and you need to do it exceptionally well. 

And why wouldn’t you, when businesses who localise content are twice as likely to increase profits?

But localising amplifies workload, and it’s the creative team who has to pick up the strain. They have to sink days and weeks into making tiny adjustments, adding subtitles and voice-overs, rewriting scripts, and re-editing the same videos over and over.

You get your great localised content, but at what cost? You’ll likely have a team of creatives who are overworked, super-stressed, and very likely bored to tears. It’s not what they signed up for, and it’s not the best use of their time. As a result, they have less time to devote to creating killer content for your business, whilst feeling underappreciated and uninspired.

And bear in mind we’re in the middle of the Great Resignation – a staggering 24 million Americans quit their job between April and September 2021. There's never been a better time for talented content creators to start looking for new jobs or go freelance and cherry-pick the projects that feed their passion - after all, it's a seller's market. In short, if you overwork members of your team, you may well regret it when they hand in their notice. And that marks a death-knell for your story, because if you run a business and have any experience with developing content, you’ll know that good creatives aren’t easy to come by.

Whether it’s a videographer, content writer, graphic designer, or some other kind of specialist, the best person for the job needs a combination of hard skills, experience, talent, and enthusiasm. They need the technical grounding to know their way around the programs and processes involved in content creation. They also need a discerning eye, an innate sense of what works and what doesn’t, and an understanding of how to appeal to diverse audiences while maintaining a consistent tone of voice and brand identity.

With these qualities, the best creatives will be able to conceive and bring to fruition exciting, original campaigns that connect with your target audience and hopefully make your brand a household name.

For proof in the pudding – or in this case, snacks – look no further than Frito-Lay. The makers of some of your favourite goodies (think Doritos and Cheetos) are showing what a talented creative team can do. Since 2018 they’ve transformed their creative unit from a two-man outfit to a content-making juggernaut, and last year alone produced over 1000 pieces of content for North America including star-studded Super Bowl spots.

That success wouldn’t have been possible without a concerted drive for brilliant creatives, which is easier said than done when you’re based in a relative marketing backwater (sorry Texas). The growth in numbers and strength in Frito-Lay’s team has partially been helped by the rise of remote working over the pandemic, but their simple pitch to would-be team members has certainly helped.

Chris Bellinger, Frito-Lay’s VP of creative and digital, told The Drum, “Your ideas will see the light of day. You’re not leaving the environment of a creative agency – the only difference is you’ll be working internally.”

It shouldn’t be underestimated how valuable that sort of creative freedom is to in-house teams. It’s not just a great incentive for keeping and attracting workers – it’s a key ingredient in producing quality work. And, as Frito-Lay set their eyes on expanding their team to produce international campaigns, scaling up that creative freedom is going to be more important than ever.

If only gifting your in-house team that kind of freedom was easy.

Except it is.

ReMake empowers teams to localise your existing content in minutes rather than days. We built ReMake around the needs of tired content-creators and frustrated decision-makers, based on our extensive experience of versioning localised content for different markets and platforms. With a brutally simple UI, ReMake's easy-to-use features and common-sense approach to content localisation means anyone, from the intern to the CEO, can create professional, world-class digital assets while eliminating the tedious manual labour usually required to scale campaigns.

No backbreaking. No boredom. No tears.

It’s the gift your creative team really wants this Christmas. By using ReMake, you can instantly reduce your team’s workload and boost productivity by around 200%, while saving 80% in the process. And as a certified carbon neutral company, ReMake also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a new way of working that doesn't cost the earth (or your team's sanity). 

Are you ready to give your team the gift of creative freedom? Book a demo, or try it for yourself, on us...

Get your Complimentary Pilot right here 

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